New Year, New You

Christine Avanti shares her health tips for the new year.
3:45 | 01/05/12

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Transcript for New Year, New You
The new year at the best time to kick -- -- new diet and it might be as simple as cutting out all those factory processed things. Joining me now -- Texas Christine of -- clinical nutritionist and author of skinny chicks eat real food. Christine legacy you and congratulations are -- -- show coming out on the network yes it carriers adding January 26 called fat -- -- have an exciting new here ahead of you oh my goodness anything New -- let's start with what you mean by real. Real -- -- -- -- that truly comes from the earth we're talking plants we're talking. -- clean you know animal products meats dairy products that are coming from animals that were raised properly not a he's confined -- -- operations but truly on. Farms eating Green -- that I don't -- -- that -- -- -- you factory food processor -- you know the whole thing about this book is staying away from refined carbohydrates with basically hanging light. -- -- -- We does not come from the earth white it -- got a brown color. Refined sugars and refine Salt Lake union reduction in my book I say I rediscovered butters this isn't so much about starving yourself or avoiding the foods. But it's about going with the real foods and avoiding processed so eat real butter. As opposed to the fake -- so -- CeBIT now your New Year's diet detox and a lot of people have their mind right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's basically we've got milk thistle tea -- in there. -- -- T Lee I have some artichoke extract some cinnamon some land and and a little bit genders in the village as I might add to the health of cleanse -- on that claim the bodies of the thing artichoke is it helps -- deliver milk missile and in the line also helped -- -- -- -- a lot of a hard time -- me because their liver is just so clogged up. And it's just not operating as clean as it can because of all the processed food in all the junk food that we're taking and now -- once we clans battle I want my forget everything and yet as I've been -- -- -- -- that. It's really important to make sure -- -- track is operating as smoothly as possible so the problem with a lot of factory foods and people eating hot actress who died is. They're their digestion tract is not operating well they're low on digested and designs and the body is -- able to break down some people get loaded they get sick. So I want people on my plan to do in addition to the -- to eat one for serving up her other fermented food -- day. So that means an exam for -- -- can -- well I have in the book my homemade sauerkraut recipe. So it's not the storm -- sauerkraut -- argument MSG it's basically you take -- chop it up a little bit of salt and let it ferment for seven days and during government fermentation process what. Is created is really good bacteria that help the digest the track work so now -- on the healing portion there is the stat that says restore how to we were. Why it's important I think when people are doing it detox or clintons they think they need to start themselves -- -- like they -- though here is going all the students he and other fermented food. No no you wanna continue to eat balanced meals and healthy meals you don't wanna go high fat you wanna go low calorie. But you want to find something that the balance that you can restore your body so 11 recipe my book is -- -- -- -- are really high in protein eggs and they're also good cars are good source carts and eye you're getting a balance would stabilize and let her hair pulled me Allen -- yeah I want to sit in there in in the book the great recipe I mean my version of -- and of course. It's healthy it's made with good -- it's me with obviously lentils and add camera Christina and I think think is so much and parent still has also here is well to -- -- -- -- detox.

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{"id":15299203,"title":"New Year, New You","duration":"3:45","description":"Christine Avanti shares her health tips for the new year.","url":"/Health/video/new-year-new-you-15299203","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}