Nuts for Nuts

Shira Bocar discusses the health benefits of nuts.
5:25 | 12/21/11

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Transcript for Nuts for Nuts
This is the time of year that we all seem to be grazing a lot more than usual weather at a friend's holiday party or -- your favorite watering hole that bowl of nuts seems to keep showing up. And our next guest is here to tell us that that might not be such a bad day. Sierra boat car -- the deputy it editor purple living magazine she's here to give us some great insight. From their latest -- and to explain why -- not to -- thanks so much for being parents for having me so tell us why nots are a relatively healthy snack I mean we hear that there are so high in fat they are high in fat but that's our debt. Wonderful combination thirteen dietary fiber and -- -- And so -- can provide a lasting healing will sell it than not is not so bad -- but there must be a quantity issue right. He won a nation do you have you know and decent -- -- -- you -- just mindlessly buying what you may not -- -- the other half credentials of -- let's get because it brought a variety of that here I guess -- -- -- not created people -- cities are six favorite OK so let's start with -- over here. So Altman's which are actually technically it is heat of the Fuzzy inedible plants. And -- are high and the B vitamin -- of treatment and -- high in vitamin. Nuts are -- are also rich in mono unsaturated fats and hasn't been shown to reduce heart disease -- so -- serving as what a handful in serving is about an -- -- -- that at handfuls -- good week -- -- serving of -- and your putting back what but the 170 -- something about a 160 county -- -- that's not so bad enough that adorable little round -- Often in -- preparations IC and without -- -- you want to make sure that you eat them with the stands. And the reason for that is his -- contains this really rich compound called pro campus -- and it ends. Yeah handed to help boost. -- -- -- And cognitive function -- the skins contain up to three times more back on and there's always go with this in. And in terms of calorie and fat content. They're mostly all the same except for the -- is that it has actually happening at two there all about this evening. That's its net because I was the so they're related -- -- and keys. And peanuts are really rich and beliefs which helps maintain and produce new cells. The other thing happiness he may not -- and I did not actually now is that they are. Really high and rents here trial which is the same heart healthy compound found in red wine -- dark chocolate. And boiled peanuts -- where you can get the most that anti oxidant because the boiling process actually -- that anti oxidant the shop. So get those -- that the ball park that are. That's very good -- now and the walnuts is very popular in cookies and everything this time of year yes. Lot of we have done here I'm sorry we have had decided that he kept the peak times. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Really wonderful if I told you that they scored higher on it or act test which is a test that measures the capacity of accidents than wild blueberries which -- I was surprised they have. They are tremendous amount of antioxidants and it's. Wonderful so go ahead and indulge in that. We'll also research suggests that if you take it daily serving at that may help delayed age related cognitive decline. Since start eating pecans now again backhander at the same serving right aspect -- Now this is unexpected talked about pistachios because I always assumed that they were one of the -- -- not click on par with the Brazil not -- -- macadamia nuts not a dying not I don't into the -- actually if you if you're watching your caloric -- this is the lowest caloric not on our team here when one ounce serving Houston and good handful fifty pieces is only -- 160 calories fifteen knots for a 160 calories ice that add up bad -- -- -- offset the deception goes Green color actually comes from Clark felt. Which is the same compound that -- -- screen and pistachios contain. Really rich amount of potassium which helps reduce -- So if you're if you're looking to reduce your blood pressure go for -- butter unsalted as the salt will sort -- he attacks. Potassium. They're also really funny because brick yeah that's your answer grams of fat are and that one serving of fifty and a -- I think it's about. Now the fat grams will seem high but it again it's that whole heart health and mono unsaturated fats and -- -- him right. And then we finally have the want to lastly element along that is -- really special that because the wall that is the only not in one of very few foods. That contains alpha originally -- and and that's that really great beneficial Omega three fatty -- that loose cotton production. All right so it seems like we can indulge in all of the is this holiday season that way of even the munchies down to those rights apps that will thinking so -- me.

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{"id":15209195,"title":"Nuts for Nuts","duration":"5:25","description":"Shira Bocar discusses the health benefits of nuts.","url":"/Health/video/nuts-nuts-15209195","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}