Do Opioids Hurt More Than They Help?

Dr. Salim Hayek discusses the benefits and potential risks of opioid use.
1:38 | 03/12/12

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Transcript for Do Opioids Hurt More Than They Help?
So the opens avenues for thousands of years as analgesics or pain relieving medications. Days date their -- -- make that all the egyptians and even earlier. They are wonderful medications for acute pain which is -- it happens if they're in danger -- surgery. They are also on the for medications. For chronic cancer pain. Patients so especially in patients -- at the end of life cycle. And hospice cases are -- care. However. Their usage and chronic non cancer pain as she is and -- than controversy. Because. Of their dangers and the dangers could include dependence addiction. Tolerance. As well as the misuse and diversion. Of these medications it is there are likely for somebody who reached the age of six to six years or older isn't the study. Two. Become addicted -- -- the medication. However. I would agree 100% that this wasn't the younger but many younger patient population -- -- younger than fifty years of age now. As patients get older they may have other reasons for having the pain -- it maybe. That these patients was exposed to these opiate medications or monster road rules of that it improve their arthritis -- Happens almost everybody who is older. And and some subset of patients decided to stay on it as opposed to taking better as have enough -- our style.

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{"id":15904804,"title":"Do Opioids Hurt More Than They Help?","duration":"1:38","description":"Dr. Salim Hayek discusses the benefits and potential risks of opioid use. ","url":"/Health/video/opioids-hurt-15904804","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}