Oral HPV

Dr. Karen Boyle discusses new data on oral HPV rates.
3:28 | 01/27/12

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Transcript for Oral HPV
New research into the human popular -- virus shows that over two million Americans may have oral HPV. Joining us to discuss this new data as reproductive specialist doctor Karen Boyle doctor Boyle welcome it's great to see you. This great but I think here so doctor Boyle doesn't the first population based study looking at the rates of HPV -- -- -- -- little bit. About this new information and what it means. These monumental because it's the first study looking at the incidence and prevalence of oral HPV. It reports that almost 7%. Of the US population have oral HPV. Now is it important to note that just having HPV in an of itself. Doesn't mean that you won't get cancer or some other. Disease -- no it doesn't mean many many people have HPD either generously are now we know 7% -- orally. But very few people actually -- an exhibit symptoms of HPV that some Jews then progress to having symptoms of warts. Or cancers like cervical cancer anal cancer or oral -- -- -- obviously important to be aware now what was thing about the study is that also indicated that oral HPV. Peaks in people ages 32 with 34 -- -- and then again at sixty to 64. Yes that that's more common in that interest and that do we know why. You know we don't have. A lot of data on why this sort of pattern is being seen but we do you know a few things we know that. The number of sexual partners that one would perform oral -- upon. Is the number one risk factor for developing oral HPD. Other things like smoking -- current smokers are heavy alcohol abusers. Or current or past marijuana users also increases the risk of oral HPP. OK so if you are in that category that you need to be especially careful what kind of precautions should you be taking. Well remember one thing is choosing your sexual partners wisely and limiting casual sexual encounters as well as using barrier protection. Like condoms and if you think you've been exposed to HPV what you do. Well many many. Individuals have been exposed to -- and because you -- not exhibit symptoms you don't necessarily know that you are carrier of the disease so that's the difficulty with that I think it's being educated on what the risk factors are really your numbers sexual partners and being aware that this exists. And taking precaution against it. Do you recommended vaccinations universal -- the nation. Well here's the thing that vaccination there's no vaccination right now for oral HPV. So all the information about the increase an oral cancers is alarming because we don't happen vaccination against oral HPD studies like this are going to -- Cons is to probably developed that but the vaccination that do exist -- four. Our our boys and our girls starting at age 1112. And yes parents to be aware of these vaccinations back and help prevent. Cervical cancer. And channel ports that sound like there will be a lot more coming out about -- -- -- days I had. Yes I believe -- I think studies like this are going to promote. Looking -- Targeted vaccination to prevent this very increasing frightening cancer and -- HPD. Prevalence doctor Karen Boyle thank you so much for joining us today. -- --

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{"id":15459176,"title":"Oral HPV","duration":"3:28","description":"Dr. Karen Boyle discusses new data on oral HPV rates.","url":"/Health/video/oral-hpv-15459176","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}