Hospital Sued for Misdiagnosis

An Oregon couple says they made a life-changing decision based on bad results.
1:24 | 03/02/12

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Transcript for Hospital Sued for Misdiagnosis
As a professor of biomedical ethics Patricia -- -- believes curiosity is a good thing genetic testing is helpful. If they want to have prenatal test. It means they have some Marines. With the condition had similar race. You want to make sure that you're prepared. -- -- you -- me in case something isn't right. But she says -- anything errors happen. And not doing harm is of great importance. To most communication. Because that's why they have gone into the profession. But the parent in the now practicing against the legacy health system -- the doctors didn't just make a mistake they were negligent in their performance analysis and reporting of the test results. That after doctors repeatedly advised -- the test definitely ruled out Down syndrome. The parents -- based on those results to continue the pregnancy. The parents in this child going on upstairs are suing legacy called for seven million dollars that's how much they say this child to a hospital and medical therapeutic and social services. The north. West Down syndrome association says regardless of parents final decisions they usually deserve more information than they're getting now. What life is like -- how to chop -- -- -- addict and an increase in. -- -- huge increase good about what liked -- right.

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{"id":15835294,"title":"Hospital Sued for Misdiagnosis","duration":"1:24","description":"An Oregon couple says they made a life-changing decision based on bad results.","url":"/Health/video/oregon-hospital-sued-wrong-prenatal-syndrome-diagnosis-15835294","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}