Promising Cancer Drug a Detriment to Bone Health

Dr. Harold Burstein discusses some side effects of a new breast cancer drug.
1:17 | 02/06/12

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Transcript for Promising Cancer Drug a Detriment to Bone Health
There are three now drugs that can be effective at preventing breast cancer. They are Tamoxifen. Its cousin grow lots of them and the most recent option has been this new drug X and -- About a year ago in a large study from the Canadian system. We saw that using -- -- nesting could lower the risk of getting breast cancer in otherwise healthy group of about 4500 women. Who were treated with it and in comparison to a placebo. There can be significant side effects of -- -- -- -- Any particular accelerated osteoporosis. That's not a big surprise because this class of drugs the so called heroic ace inhibitors. Are all known to work through estrogen deprivation and when the major consequences of that is accelerated osteoporosis. I think this information is very helpful for patients for several reasons. First they can make a better informed choice about whether or not they want to take this product and understand the side effects. And secondly for those women who do take X and a stain it's a reminder that it will be very important to follow their bone mineral density over time. And see if they become -- steel product -- so called lost UP -- with thinning of the bones. And then they can use that information both to start treatments for osteoporosis. Or if necessary to discontinue the -- investing.

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{"id":15526061,"title":"Promising Cancer Drug a Detriment to Bone Health","duration":"1:17","description":"Dr. Harold Burstein discusses some side effects of a new breast cancer drug.","url":"/Health/video/promising-cancer-drug-detriment-bone-health-15526061","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}