Dwarfism Awareness Month

Little People of America hopes to raise positive awareness and clarify common misconceptions.
3:00 | 08/31/12

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Transcript for Dwarfism Awareness Month
Tucker has been declared nationals marks the latest -- back home in England and -- Melanie. We aren't the only -- -- -- -- -- Artists the last month is learning because it raises awareness and -- Extremes. And most of -- please understand its -- network news. It is a -- think it's perceivable. It is an awareness of -- entity that people report does not have the same hopes and dreams and seniors and others. We -- others. Fathers. Business professionals and college students and act soon hanging. Parties -- teachers. This is an opportunity. To send out positive and accurate passages about ask her family. Still standing here so often misunderstood in this place. Declaring war isn't awareness month -- PA post race positive awareness about an orgasm. Common misconceptions. And increase the opportunities but people would work zone around the country. -- yeah.

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{"id":17128581,"title":" Dwarfism Awareness Month","duration":"3:00","description":"Little People of America hopes to raise positive awareness and clarify common misconceptions.","url":"/Health/video/psa-dwarfism-awareness-month-17128581","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}