Reality Star Lori Allen Fights Breast Cancer

TLC special follows "Say Yes to the Dress" star's struggle to beat the disease.
3:00 | 10/25/12

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Transcript for Reality Star Lori Allen Fights Breast Cancer
Friday April 13 I get sun call seven F five and nine -- exactly. What us. Instead doctor John Knoll gunman. And -- -- -- too many years he's voice cracked as he set. Thank you have to answer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In my life changed. I can't say the words -- five day. It was at least -- -- had to eye and tell people that I -- camera bag. How do you tell people -- you don't want people just aren't he added that day. -- Have a lot of people that let me. And -- fortune. -- -- for an end to now let's -- an owner. This story it's my babies. And you all are seeing my -- And I dearly love each and every one if you. We just it -- -- we need. To our regular -- -- -- And the results and cost it's so I had breast cancer. I've got surgery and I'm going to be out -- while. -- -- -- Why why -- sources tell people. He just broke my heart because she's -- McCain. It was just -- -- -- taking. I've never heard boy crying. -- -- -- --

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{"id":17564386,"title":"Reality Star Lori Allen Fights Breast Cancer","duration":"3:00","description":"TLC special follows \"Say Yes to the Dress\" star's struggle to beat the disease.","url":"/Health/video/reality-star-lori-allen-fights-breast-cancer-17564386","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}