Building a Healthier Generation

Reed Alexander shares his top nutritious recipes.
3:45 | 02/27/12

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Transcript for Building a Healthier Generation
Hi Harry Reid Alexander thanks so much for joining us here in the kitchen really glad to have -- you might know me as Neville from Nickelodeon's -- Carly. But I -- have a website I hope you'll surf over and visit me cool -- dot com. I'm really -- he champion for the alliance for healthier generation from the Clinton foundation. Behind the scenes over the last several months -- teamed up with the alliance working hard. -- a series of delicious healthful recipes are now launching cafeterias nationwide it's good for you -- -- options. For more than thirty million students and I'm so excited to you an exclusive behind the scenes tour. I -- -- tasty flavors coming to a school near you. All right our first -- we're gonna me here is it my all time favorites can -- these students. South of the border -- my flat bread pizza aptly named south of the border -- A go ahead in growth and -- here and be doing using our white meat chicken. He slicing in half when it comes software with its great remarks to have some nice proteins and -- this is looking great yeah. Five to seven minutes on medium heat them on the trip through meanwhile you can start assembling the -- -- what I love about making a flat breads salads pizza. Certain IQ and why you've got a nice party -- with a delicious spite great texture and a fantastic toppings you can really let the kids. Get in the kitchen step into the cockpit and customized all their favorite flavors from going -- spring mix here are some fresh lettuce haul around. Looking good south of the border steps in with in the always have on hand this is what my favorite -- -- my black. Being salsa in my refrigerator 24 sevenths and it's something you can turn to -- it's fast and easy black beans corn. Some red peppers and some lime Green peppers and cilantro and lime juice -- you really flavorful and really fast spread that around. Grab your check -- here we got our white meat chicken fresh off the grill nice and warm. They can also see that complements our black red and optional idea. -- -- -- this in the Evan -- little -- well great by the -- heart this is looking good let's just go ahead and add some cheddar cheese. And that -- -- scene just a few minutes. This is -- -- -- could always turn to. When you need it just easy to making your home. Kitchen headed in the school cafeteria and take a look at that knowledge yummy I have to say that's -- my favorite -- First step again -- some of that lettuce I like you -- mean here is as a nice crunch or use our whole -- -- -- heart healthy. And then -- however really -- this pizza great for the season the gophers impairs -- meeting fox pairs taking Multi Color that you can. Really customize the great -- and sweetness of this fantastic winter and fall through we've got some. -- for delicious crunch which goes really -- -- with -- dried cranberries these are little tart. He's had some nice chewing yes and you can see look at that fantastic color everything really doubt that this is where I get excited kids cooking get active at this point just like what our problem -- -- -- -- -- this into huge this is really -- help to fill us up I like the flavor this is very well rounded. And then take a look how delicious this one -- This is an easy -- to make -- -- seven noodles these are traditional buckwheat noodles. Cook got really easily like any other cost of that they -- Japanese in origin which is perfect -- rebounds that would find -- in bell peppers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And rice cakes for crimes you have got fantastic choice I'm reality and I want to thank you so much for hanging -- -- me in the kitchen all these recipes and warm cool -- dot com. Visit us at the alliance on healthier generation -- -- We'll see you next time I.

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{"id":15803806,"title":"Building a Healthier Generation","duration":"3:45","description":"Reed Alexander shares his top nutritious recipes.","url":"/Health/video/reed-alexander-health-nutrition-recipes-food-cook-school-meals-15803806","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}