Revolving Door of Readmissions

A patient talks about his frequent hospital readmissions.
4:07 | 12/20/11

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Transcript for Revolving Door of Readmissions
They found out -- that made -- congestive heart and media. -- -- How his -- spam and one of them when there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Forward and Christmas. New year -- -- -- Let's Begin though this is the first of this stuff -- actually. Exactly and mr. -- as the gentleman who was sent to us because he had met -- Perrier and border issue was that it was difficult to control as part that your. Retaining fluid. He would allow an end -- having -- back in the hospital. And so we. That him and our task was -- to help them out alone can do try to prevent them from keep getting. Google and having him right and -- right -- and -- -- -- -- the Greek town that moment with the same problem. I'm not paying attention ago. AE throughout supposed to do thought -- -- -- should come as a surprise and areas that are economically depressed. Also suffer from a lot of the social ills that make people incredibly good candidates get -- admit it. If there's poor literacy rates if there's low levels of education if there's low access to you great quality food. If people can't afford their medications or have lack of social support all of which happen unfortunately. Across the board in the US but. Happen for dominant team more commonly in areas matters that are economically depressed. Racism like there. And -- that in -- theories. You know so -- where. As it and get them the -- of the way. Anyone who thinks that hospitals are the sole proprietor of the risks. In this equation. Build understanding. Complex. Hospitals can be part of the solution. But anything that fall short of patience being actively deeds. In -- or health care in understanding risk in managing the risk along with their physicians and hospitals. If people are under and then and I think office solutions will will -- Sorely short of winning. We're doing there is working. We're -- OK. You know so. I mean I am probably. -- hadn't picked up anyway. This then. How the hospital and a bit hollow almost. So. Now my ways -- saying you know and now -- fluid or me -- -- government back up here. Doing in my because something happened. -- they're they're not doing the right. There are doing wrong so long -- on the right thing. And maintaining. Good things that I need the key. You know my ago when his problem suspected. That you know me process. And now aren't you. Weren't there -- in his youth and -- me. With him there.

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{"id":15197156,"title":"Revolving Door of Readmissions","duration":"4:07","description":"A patient talks about his frequent hospital readmissions. ","url":"/Health/video/revolving-door-readmissions-15197156","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}