Sleep Disorders Fall Under the Radar

Dr. Grandner explains the importance of healthy sleep for police officers.
1:30 | 12/20/11

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Transcript for Sleep Disorders Fall Under the Radar
Those with sleep disorders were more likely to have job performance issues such as. Increased falling asleep at the we know they were more likely to. Have absenteeism they were more likely to make and -- they were more likely to have unnecessary violence against citizens are suspects they were more likely. To have Susan complaints filed against them. And others so that. That's why the main finding from the study. Is that not only are sleep disorders common among police officers and -- important for health. But there are also important for the officer safety and also our safety -- well. To address this issue in police departments -- -- occupations. Some of the approach -- be coming from management you know instituting some disorder -- treatment programs but for these to be effective. We moved broader acceptance culturally of the importance of sleep. If the officers -- world. Orton who's in any company doing this don't buy into the idea that person is important that person -- apparently. -- it's worth sacrificing time and other things for. Because of the benefits in the long run. A lot of approaches won't be that helpful -- a society where if you walk down the street talk to a random person. Probably complain about some sort of sort of problem but chances are they don't see it was relevant medical issue. Even -- sleep is very important for health and functioning.

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{"id":15201937,"title":"Sleep Disorders Fall Under the Radar","duration":"1:30","description":"Dr. Grandner explains the importance of healthy sleep for police officers.","url":"/Health/video/sleep-disorders-fall-radar-15201937","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}