Staying Healthy After a Marathon

Mark Remy from Runner's World talks about how to avoid a post-marathon cold.
4:59 | 11/07/11

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Transcript for Staying Healthy After a Marathon
Runners from all over the world descended on New York City this past weekend to test their physical and mental endurance by running the New York City Marathon. Many runners know the importance of taking care of themselves in the days and weeks leading up to the big event. But the two weeks and especially the few days following a major race are critical. In terms of preventing colds and other upper respiratory infections so joining me with tips on how to take care of yourself. Following a big race is Mark Sweeney executive editor from runner's world dot com mark great to see you thanks for being here -- So tell a little bit about the preparations necessary before the race in order to protect -- house. Right leading up leading up to a big -- like a marathon or half marathon can be a little Dicey and it's paradoxical because while running. In general is very good for you makes you healthier. And the training necessary for -- really hard long -- like a marathon. Can tax your body to the point where suppresses your immune system so the couple weeks leading up to erase -- tapering and trying to arrest can be critical. It peacefully even more vulnerable to called for example he would be otherwise so. It's appointed to take care to that point and once you do the race of course. Your body's been through the ringer and your review really are vulnerable to engineer something you're immune system -- -- -- -- at the end of notice it is it is you know running marathons. Is is is not something that the body is accustomed to -- you -- like -- you know running and in moderation is good training for a marathon is great. Running the actual race can -- -- -- little beat up as they don't -- run one -- test. Right and so important it's crucial that that that couple days right after the race to take care some -- what -- -- -- -- -- In your gear bag your -- -- that. Right so race day you know you wanna have the usual some extra warm clothing a bottle of water. Supreme -- orchard -- -- waiting around you wanna have also bottle of can't sanitize or to you know make a habit of you know cleaning your hands particularly. If you're on condition lot of people or kill him when door -- are using the restroom obviously that kind of thing. Yet you say that this is especially important when it comes to sort of post celebratory moments. Japanese -- that's. You know you finish the race Joyner celebrates. Had a I think -- -- in the in the interests -- in the magazine in the November issue is that you know posts the post race com. Hugs are fine you know high fives and handshakes and kisses maybe -- rattled off on those -- And of course you've you've spent all this time before the race being careful with what you eat and how you been sleeping and you say that that doesn't stop after the race. You need to continue that focus on your diet and exercise. Oh it's it's it's almost more important after the race yet because again -- -- your body is going to be kind of reeling from the -- effort in trying to recover. And repair its its self and -- kind of thanks so it's even more important to you know maintain that healthy diet. And dehydration and good sleep by the way this post race -- I look at you don't give a good frustrates me all I guess the easy answer is a good pressures mail is pretty much the same as -- good theories Milton. Maybe this'll the last of -- LA LA so it's it's a standard healthy fare you know whole grain. Whole grains and fruits and vegetables. Plenty of water to keep hydrated that kind of things some lean protein and -- -- -- -- And do you recommend you know the eight hours a night or some little -- after the race what's the. Recommending life as as a relatively new parent -- minutes and hours you can get hit -- -- -- but especially after -- race you have rests. The rest rest rest and that means not just on taking a little time off of hard running for awhile right but also getting plenty of sleep every night as mean as much you can get within reason for sure and I love your next recommendation now that you have many people who -- complain about the things they get inside. Get a massage as a community -- They yes that's helped your health. Massages can actually. Can actually help your body of -- recover and flush out toxins and and that and that sort of thing. So it can actually boosts your your immune system and if you can massage in the parade or not right after is probably put an imminent you know one or two days mistress. Feels good and that's good for it that's their argument there also you -- -- be careful to avoid germ filled locations which. Can be hard -- if you traveled for the marathon he might have to get on a plane to go home. -- a lot of people do and that's where the hand sanitizing comes in handy again that kind of thing. You know in us are living in a bubble we elect like four in the movie here. That you're gonna -- of the people so just acknowledge that you're okay with it don't stress out too much writes our own you know this stressed and can be a killer -- -- You know -- has often as you can keep hydrated -- And to Michigan and. -- and and you say he can feel the sniffles coming on that you like a -- -- Yeah a -- sailing -- -- nasal rents can can can work you might. -- -- win over a bowl of steaming water and in a lot for five or ten minutes that kind of thing sure lots of -- -- tricks of the trade thank you so much my pleasure.

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{"id":14899885,"title":"Staying Healthy After a Marathon","duration":"4:59","description":"Mark Remy from Runner's World talks about how to avoid a post-marathon cold.","url":"/Health/video/staying-healthy-marathon-14899885","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}