Can Stem Cells Regenerate a Weak Heart?

Dr. Daniel Simon says stem cell infusion can restore power to weakened hearts.
0:56 | 02/13/12

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Transcript for Can Stem Cells Regenerate a Weak Heart?
Explain it you know the heart it is like a motor it's got to pump fuel lines and electrical system a heart attack is a block in the fuel line. And scar tissue was essentially you'll lose cylinders you go from -- V6 down it would -- for and nobody wants to have an engine next two week. If you have those cylinders that go away you get short of breath and -- get what we call heart failure or you can have a written he has. Stem cells work to restore potentially. Those cylinders and give us back -- V6 -- motor can work and pump normally so I think we have. Three or four areas were stem cells have been very successful. It's early on but there are randomized trials multiple randomized trials suggesting that what we need to get right now is the dose of the stem cell the particular kind. And how we deliver it. Not whether or not they work I think there's good preliminary evidence that they work but they need to be refined.

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{"id":15578204,"title":"Can Stem Cells Regenerate a Weak Heart?","duration":"0:56","description":"Dr. Daniel Simon says stem cell infusion can restore power to weakened hearts.","url":"/Health/video/stem-cells-regenerate-weak-heart-15578204","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}