Stents Needed to Treat Heart Disease?

Dr. Michael DiMaio questions the use of stents for stable heart disease.
1:17 | 02/27/12

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Transcript for Stents Needed to Treat Heart Disease?
So recent to study just came out -- and Jana. Which was a meta analysis of a number of other studies. So in other words it's a study of other studies. It reviewed. Eight different studies circulation of studies -- -- reviewing those involving a stance person's medical therapy. Previous studies. Involves simply look at balloon angioplasty which is a first generation of what was called -- retaining its corner intervention. For corner are disease. More intervention is more studies have occurred with newer generations of stance which continue to this day. The study -- to look at a summary of all these different studies to see whether or not there is benefit or not. In placing stents in patients with stable. -- area artery disease. I think -- -- the very important question need to be discussed very clearly the medical community. I certainly wonder whether or not the number stents placed in the cost associated with playing those placing those stance is worthy of all the resources towards doing that. I would be careful to warm weather not -- to be decreased but I think he deserves a very serious reconsideration. By the medical community. Whether or not that's the current way to treat patients with stable -- --

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{"id":15803548,"title":"Stents Needed to Treat Heart Disease?","duration":"1:17","description":"Dr. Michael DiMaio questions the use of stents for stable heart disease.","url":"/Health/video/stents-needed-treat-heart-disease-15803548","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}