Sweet Treats With Less Fat

Sarah Carey bakes vanilla cupcakes, chocolate brownies and gingerbread cakes.
4:45 | 02/07/12

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Transcript for Sweet Treats With Less Fat
We all love sweet treats but what we told you you could swap out -- high calorie ingredient for a healthier secret ingredient. And no one would ever know the difference while there -- editor and keep up everyday food is here to -- how it's done there wrapping. -- -- -- -- I -- that's right absolutely and I love it we're gonna start with a Vanilla cupcake with a white bean puree -- you get. That's the moisture and everything that's coming from the -- and never even know that there can I think -- can happen when these. And it just makes our dry ingredients together normal fly lower at three cups. Might happen -- -- Teaspoon baking soda. A tablespoon. At -- right right like any other mark -- -- sent threatening. I just like there was this is now here we have the white -- -- -- Green. Can't Levy had been trained. The great thing about the -- -- supermodel. And -- really expect it so it's replacing a lot of the fat than normal. Cake batter outing on her pupils six about it initially -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Two whole eggs and to add lights -- we're cutting down that there as well that made -- to -- camps. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now hopefully -- can actually work this. No one. -- just to -- makes it 866. That it -- work. Right that's. It took this just in here -- the current -- -- More that again. Now do you are you gonna make that together that it wanted to be sure that that -- also add one cup of low fat I don't know. Bottom out hats you know he's nice and -- that's a nice little bit tank to act. -- -- -- -- Basic -- into its headlines with -- -- And I just like to use a -- to get it -- just makes it more than. We'll go -- 350 area. About fifteen minute. -- -- -- -- little bit Munich a little blame is at three cups of confectionery sugar and just a few fruits it's your day. Just blended up enough in the food processors is that raspberries raspberry -- you -- cherry -- whatever you want we have raspberry and cherry here. Blended in the positive -- it you don't really want it very many seeds in the this is actually more than -- -- and he really -- about. -- -- And it's kind of if it hasn't -- -- there's three cups of confectionery sugar here and it seems like a lot but the minute you start adding. Any kind of liquid to it it -- it yeah. Until almost nothing and the great thing about this is that you don't need to use any kind of food coloring and you're getting a delicious fruit flavor. Now we can and just go ahead and dip our schools. The -- in the area does -- exhibit and yeah and swirl -- around -- and then you just put it. Lifted up let -- sit back and -- That at a senate head and I really like you eat. It's so good right and it hasn't really great lately and I -- -- When -- ED didn't he just a nice moist. -- from the -- -- and you know them and a the raspberry flavor -- it looked about the birth slavery and the -- you did it by hook up hey yeah. Hey is that nearly three grams fat percent and a regular -- the night. This would you really like triple chocolate isn't too good chocolate. -- -- -- and the secret ingredient there lacked the brownies are seven grams of fat instead of my grams fat. These are -- ginger spice cake with a -- -- The little ginger cakes and three grams of fat person eight that all -- -- It -- they just so much and where can people finally -- all -- issue about it. There are now on the news.com back out.

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{"id":15533120,"title":"Sweet Treats With Less Fat","duration":"4:45","description":"Sarah Carey bakes vanilla cupcakes, chocolate brownies and gingerbread cakes.","url":"/Health/video/sweet-treats-fat-15533120","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}