'The Tale of Timmy Two Chins': Trailer

Being manly and powerful isn't about muscles.
1:26 | 04/08/13

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Transcript for 'The Tale of Timmy Two Chins': Trailer
-- Do. Nobody sees a -- from -- years. Yeah. He could be strong powerful -- tough. The -- they see that. No. All they see the fat and -- carrying. -- Didn't you -- those -- a week ago. Kind of stuff beating them between kids there's two things out -- -- -- foul him I mean what would your pops. -- -- what I found. Leftover land. -- OK we'll finally. 900 yeah. And let -- Keeping Denny Timmy doesn't need -- -- been paying down evening and you -- twelve and.

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{"id":18905587,"title":"'The Tale of Timmy Two Chins': Trailer","duration":"1:26","description":"Being manly and powerful isn't about muscles.","url":"/Health/video/tale-of-timmy-two-chins-trailer-18905587","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}