Ticker Trivia: How Well Do You Know Your Heart?

Dr. Chris Magovern discusses little known facts about the heart.
5:21 | 02/13/12

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Transcript for Ticker Trivia: How Well Do You Know Your Heart?
In honor of Valentine's Day and heart health month we probably -- -- -- have a little fun and see how well you know your heart. Doctor Chris McGovern cardiac surgeon has everything you need to know about your -- here with -- now. Still a little quiz fourth let's get right to it true or false and only after an estimate -- and ask it anyway the heart is a pop true or false -- -- you know it's it's it's unfair to call the heart just a pompous -- super -- reduced to its simplest level that's what does. But it's amazing the -- the network that it does it pumps depending on what you're doing one to six gallons of blood every minute to every organ everybody. Over the course of the -- 2000. Gallons of pomp and over the course of a lifetime. Your heart pumps. A million barrels not -- -- million barrels a blind. Which is enough to feel -- -- wow -- was that is amazing. Even think about that that's like a pump once there -- a little about more than just -- -- are right next to her -- men's and women's hearts are the same. False really you know I I -- hearts every day when I look at -- the appearance of them is identical in of someone blinded me put me in the room. I couldn't tell the difference between -- -- -- heart. But there are some subtle differences. The man's heart is slightly bigger. It's on average about ten ounces as opposed to female -- -- audiences. And because a -- -- -- little smaller it has to compensate and be faster than the average heart rate for a woman. It's faster it's 78 beats a minute and for -- it's seventy all right and finger ended up. True or false the heart is actually read and the shape of -- of our hearts we within which it doesn't like to think it is a common misconception of -- this on your little Valentine's days cards and -- -- hardest. Bright -- it really isn't. The shape of the heart is not. What we expect either it's more the shape of a clenched fist OK and although your blood is red heart itself is darker it's rounder. And it sort of has the appearance of a colonial brick house it's not quite as -- as you might expect. The other interesting thing about the heart in is that there's a lot of yellow on the surface the heart. Which is -- I think we have a picture. That that I brought in -- and gentlemen -- operated on just last week. And you can tell the outward appearance at the heart has an awful lot of analysis and helping hard -- is a perfectly healthy -- -- that much fat and are real gentleman who 140. Pounds so he's not obese he's not. He's not happy. Fat people thin people it doesn't matter everyone has that on our interest and others -- passed it art. Now here's that we -- -- saying the pledge of allegiance or singing the National Anthem we put our hands. On the left side is that where the heart is located on the left side of -- chest -- -- really everyone makes the same mistake and if you're really. Trying to be authentic and -- you should put your hand the senate -- OK that's where your hearts it's what we do heart surgery -- -- we hope we don't go through the left side we go right through the middle. When you do CPR you know press analysts on the chest you press right in the heart systemic in -- center of your chest. Right in between your longs I've got this model -- to to show. But the reason people think it's really on the left side is at the heart is tilted. Toward the left icing because it's tilted toward the left you can fuel your heart. Beat a little bit more on the left side and that's where you list with a stethoscope are more power -- the bottom of the heart necessary -- OK that's exactly right our interest. Well I mean that's a little bit bigger than what -- -- size heart is right I mean that's about the size of it clinched visit this is not this is a much bigger heart when it was so it is bigger hearts healthier earned a greater great question and you would think that yes it's an admirable quality have a larger part. Not necessarily lead Orchard Park is not necessarily -- healthy heart. The -- should be less than a pound it should be each -- roughly the size of your fist. If -- to dilated to be -- can be week. If -- heart is too thick and too muscular -- it may not be sufficient. You have to remember Dan Hart is really designed for long distance race your life it beats every date for your entire life. So it has to be prepared for that doesn't want it should be built like a body -- It needs to people like a marathon runner lean and efficient -- Americanism with Hong longevity -- what about when the hearts after removed from your body does it continue to pump continue to be so that's a great question there was the raiders of the lost or. Leaders of lost or would you few years ago -- redolent for a man's heart out of its chest in the heart -- to be. Now can this happen in theory yes. The at the heart has its own electrical supplies electricity that stimulates the heart to beat. And it's it's prepackaged system in the heart that it causes it to be so as long as the heart is continuing to receive oxygen. Even if it's removed from the body it will continue to be interest they are so. They had some say -- and factual accuracy of that and them they did slightly but don't -- that -- right now exactly. -- having tours of Boston a heart to actually get tired can get the T yeah that's a great question the heart is the Energizer bunny and in the heart does not -- Which is just amazing the heartbeats. Roughly a 100000. Times a day includes two million times a week why -- -- entire. It the real reason why your Harkin we can but your heart is not adequate give up its because the -- is made from -- different type of muscle to very different muscle when you have your arms and electing elect Cesar. This is what we call skeletal muscle your cardiac muscle. Is built a different way and it doesn't -- -- things are and you've got more information your blogging -- -- abcnews.com more information about the heart that we all need to know to stay healthy and happy especially around Valentine's Day when those parts can break that's right right doctor McGovern thanks so much to be here.

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{"id":15574630,"title":"Ticker Trivia: How Well Do You Know Your Heart?","duration":"5:21","description":"Dr. Chris Magovern discusses little known facts about the heart.","url":"/Health/video/ticker-trivia-heart-15574630","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}