Tom Brady Helps Mentor Find Kidney Donor

Football star's former coach Tom Martinez has diabetes and needs transplant.
1:14 | 01/27/12

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Transcript for Tom Brady Helps Mentor Find Kidney Donor
-- Britain actually everything he can't in good preparation wise. You're expected to a parent but your very best Tom Brady speaking about the Super Bowl but he could be talking about the game of life his friend and a former coach sixty year old Tom Martinez has diabetes and desperately needs a kidney transplant. Months ago Brady publicly appealed for help. He renewed the call today. Been a great friend of mine and for a long time and it. He has taught me how to -- -- football are very young age so. You know he's been looking for Kinney for quite awhile. The story is on the matching donors web -- which is based in Kenton creators say since Brady got involved a hundred new people signed on to the site and two transplants a possible. People went on the web site. From because of Tom Brady. Looked up Tom Martinez but they -- our other people. And now because of Tom Brady and Tom Martinez. Two other people that had nothing to do with them. I'm now being tested -- they've they've matched. Brady says he's focused and ready for the big game but he's also thinking about a -- in need he and fans talk about organ donation on Brady's FaceBook page. Lot of people are looking for. You know kidneys -- -- from different types of transplants it.

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{"id":15456733,"title":"Tom Brady Helps Mentor Find Kidney Donor","duration":"1:14","description":"Football star's former coach Tom Martinez has diabetes and needs transplant.","url":"/Health/video/tom-brady-helps-mentor-find-kidney-donor-15456733","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}