Top Questions for the Dentist

Dr. Trey Wilson on what to ask during your next checkup.
6:55 | 12/20/11

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Transcript for Top Questions for the Dentist
So many of us just simply dread going to the dentist but taking care of our teeth and -- of course is a vital part. Of our overall health and there -- some -- things that we should know before sitting in the chair and opening wide so join us is doctor Trey with some tips that we need to know. Before we head to the dentist five thinks doctor Howard today I'm fine thanks for having me back. It's a first and foremost -- -- the election is that right. We'll choosing right Dennis is that are really really important decision that evening. And most people still get there were being referral source from a friend and so the first thing I would do what is actually identifier for yourself. What your specific needs are. What is your what is your mandate about financial policy. What about appointment policies what's the philosophy of the practice and that's really important we mean by philosophy I mean what does -- dentist feel about when they're doing -- pictures specialist practiced for non specialist practice if this if it's an on specials and a general practice dental office right. The philosophy would determine things like how conservative or aggressive in my going to be about dental care. What's my understanding importance of teaching my patients about the relationship between dental health and overall wellness. Things like that to that practice philosophy I think he's a very important thing because there's a lot of different treatments a lot of alternatives out there to solve any kind of problems that we have absolutely -- onto a second point that house there overall dental health to affect their overall well being. Well I think in two ways the first thing is as I mentioned just mentioned earlier that the relationship between dental health and overall wellness and that's where that saying. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth came from okay actually just meaning that if someone gave you a prized horse. You wouldn't need to look in the -- to determine it was healthier not. So in the same way that healthy mouth can actually be a great determine -- Of cardiac health specifically if there's a family history of heart disease also in men prostate health. And women birth rate and and birth weight expectancies. So it's really a holistic approach that we need to very -- holistic. And also understanding the relationship between. The body the mind in the spirit and I say in my practice in it was Meyer really comes from the inside out. And so I think it's important that when -- understand you take care of your mouth you're gonna boost your vitality. You're gonna have greater self confidence. Not to mention you know -- -- -- -- suppression. Advantages and things like that so more than just checking to see that you have cavities and that your making sure that your having. -- your flossing and taking care absolutely it really is a total body thing is that you have -- -- the patient doctors bill of rights why is that important. Well I think a doctor and patient sometimes come at dental care from different. And from different places in. And I'd drafted these twelve article bill of rights to help doctors and patients understand. And respect their respective roles. And basically it's twelve statements -- are affirmations. That both doctors and patients have to Begin with I have the right for example. I have the right to seek alternative care should might not be satisfied with conventional care I have the right. To enlist the help of other persons. To help me and my choice making along that step -- to have even -- patients feel a little more empowered them that they do you have that ability to speak up when there in the dental chair oh sure yes absolutely the most important thing that a Dennis can receive from a patient is their personal story. -- personal history and unfortunately. And our time -- time in his money. Is that most doctors actually armaments patients tell me that they feel rushed. When -- when patients want to tell their story about their past experience what their expectations are. And so you're right that's extremely extremely important somebody on -- patients -- educate themselves -- good proper dental hygiene. Well I think it's taking advantage of your resource is and most people have far better understanding it and under. I call it medical IQ and then they do about what's going on their own -- So the first thing that you have to do is to understand that. Your dentists are there to be your advocates and your teachers at least that's what I tell my patients. I'm here to teach you everything you possibly want to know about dental -- but maybe we're afraid or didn't think you can -- okay. And so -- using your health you're using your health professionals. By asking them questions. Also using the Internet obviously the Internet it's a huge resource for helping people understand how to get information. -- -- questions that you might have not know the answer to -- afraid actually has an educated consumer is the best customer and the more you know. The better off you're going to be able to make a strategic decision that's gonna determine you know how you fit on the path of your particular -- lastly why don't patients now. About a dental office what should we know before we go in there. I think I think there's a lot of things but three things come to mind again. First is that in people are always asking why is going to the -- so expensive. Right right. And one of the reasons is that the overhead of running a dental office is probably higher than any of the other healing arts really it's it's about the highest it's a percentage okay. So did the patients really need to understand and part of the reason which leads to -- reason number two is that the technology in dentistry is always change. And so the cost of being current and maintaining current practices and standards means what was in you know what was invoked or what was acceptable five years ago was no longer acceptable. So that Dennis have to always are buying into technology to keep up with standards and that's the second thing -- that people need to understand. The third today. Is that dentists are not gods. I think Tennessee guard Dennis are human being rather they're well trained professionals. Who really care a great deal about their patients tell me. And a perfectionist by and large Dennis is a classification because they don't want to -- -- customer because obviously that's overall the want to run out there for their -- that is not good for this Friday. But they they do their best but nobody bats a thousand OK and hopefully you have the kind of relationship if you bet -- if you are operating. Under this bill of rights that -- spoke about earlier. When -- Dennis does not do his or her best. That he could easily have the kind of relationship -- -- can say you know I really didn't do my best here and I'd like to redo it. Good -- but patients really need to understand that we're human beings were not human doings. And that. But obviously overall health of our miles an Argentine -- dental hygiene is first and foremost on your concern and for our concern as well it should be doctors like to thank you so much of a -- -- this wasn't as painful as a root canal at clubs I. Not even close thing doctor -- thanks to be.

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{"id":15200791,"title":"Top Questions for the Dentist","duration":"6:55","description":"Dr. Trey Wilson on what to ask during your next checkup.","url":"/Health/video/top-questions-dentist-15200791","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}