Toss This, Eat That

Tosca Reno shares healthier Super Bowl options to spice up your game.
2:31 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for Toss This, Eat That
Hi I'm Tosca Reno creator of the -- clean diet here at the -- -- restaurant in New York City. Super Bowl is just around the corner and let's face it we're celebrating. The main event but also what you gonna eat that -- here's how are gonna keep calories out. The flavor in. That's a terrible event isn't completely out -- -- And I want to amp up the nutritional value of pizza. Forget about that you know deliveries doorstep you can do that start building your layers with -- have a smoky barbecue sauce here with the rockets and there. Not -- type that up I've got peppers onions hot peppers. -- lovely smoke buffalo chicken and plenty is -- -- Here. It's the final in. -- just so much more fun when you have a depth. So here we have -- -- good news why is that any good for you because you replace all the fat from mayonnaise sour -- With basically vegetable hearing. And it tastes fantastic. -- -- So good your heart you know you're eating vegetables. And now finally for the main event I have whoever's here. Why haven't -- with -- vs beef because I've exchanged hundreds of calories a potentially saturated unhealthy fat would mean sushi grade tuna. And we've really is after the flavor with. Asian flair. Including things like soy sauce and sesame oil you know love the flavor. Is it delicious and satisfied that. -- -- -- -- -- And finally they have sweet potato Fries who doesn't love -- sweet potato -- These are delicious they don't have that high placing explode at the white potato and their faith in the -- -- -- -- attract. I believe we haven't touched down.

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{"id":15440233,"title":"Toss This, Eat That","duration":"2:31","description":"Tosca Reno shares healthier Super Bowl options to spice up your game. ","url":"/Health/video/toss-eat-15440233","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}