Trailer: 'Bully'

Documentary explores America's teen-bullying epidemic.
2:18 | 03/01/12

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Transcript for Trailer: 'Bully'
Last couple days. We have heard and Tyler had this mission until -- walker this is music you. You -- making someone feel so uncomfortable. And who was making. News and music news and kids is Coleman and his work for us to go -- And I thank you get to the point where enough was enough. -- -- tragic situation of Perkins born just eleven years old believed to have been desperate enough to take his own line. -- -- -- Kids will be kids boys will be boys they're just -- what they're saying we'll hear what we -- is nothing is wrong he didn't do anything. -- -- -- -- -- -- He's not if I'm -- I'm a -- on acts and justice Kennedy school. Plow horses on fox. How would go to my great utility differences made. We reached out it's -- -- kids. Magic kids have been removed all over the world handed pickup truck while -- One -- The fifth. Child that new kids fan -- -- their -- On the stand up. -- -- -- -- -- Recently we have. We all do it.

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{"id":15825532,"title":"Trailer: 'Bully'","duration":"2:18","description":"Documentary explores America's teen-bullying epidemic.","url":"/Health/video/trailer-bully-15825532","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}