Transgender Pilot Wins Discrimination Fight With FAA

Tamsyn Waterhouse was told she needed psychological testing to renew medical certification to fly.
3:00 | 08/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Transgender Pilot Wins Discrimination Fight With FAA
-- -- -- Want to play earliest memories for months what went up to be flying the first time in his 1960s. -- school fifty. She got -- by the flying. He was certain. It became one of the very few passions that we absolutely and let's -- here. Never -- over its -- we absolutely not flying. France this summer after I graduated from college I made -- proud and don't -- During grad school it didn't happen time and fort plot. But well into the working world moved to California. I immediately. Went to get my minutes are excellent news for applying it. Unfortunately I was in the process of -- -- -- ten times. And the FAA. Responded by demanding -- -- Psychiatric tests which -- psychologist spoke to -- -- every time to book. It would take him dance and thousands of dollars for the times and the angst would still have the discretion. As to whether to issue certification -- And -- would have been subject -- annual -- again. -- -- Even if -- could have. Paper money customs house and any limited formal certification. Every transgender pilot in the United States and subject this commission. I've decided that was unacceptable and so we got in touch my congressman some transgender law center. Transgender law center working with allied organizations and congressman like console -- advocated for policy change he. Over the course of several years and a lot more. Now we -- proud to announce finally. Through this unnecessary. Burdensome and prejudicial psychiatric testing requirements. And hopefully very soon it -- up -- perfectly ordinary errands medical technician. -- Absolutely thrilled when it was flying again it feels like yesterday -- -- -- bureaucracy. Most of full time. Very pleased to say I'll finally be able to live up to -- into a -- secondly certification -- I'm going from an instrument flight rating hopefully Sunday after commercial. None of this would have been possible without the artwork he transaction -- -- entirely supported by donations from people like you. So how -- you can join me in supporting their it where our future. We couldn't do.

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{"id":17029136,"title":"Transgender Pilot Wins Discrimination Fight With FAA","duration":"3:00","description":"Tamsyn Waterhouse was told she needed psychological testing to renew medical certification to fly.","url":"/Health/video/transgender-pilot-tamsyn-waterhouse-wins-discrimination-fight-faa-17029136","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}