Trim Treats for Santa

Catherine McCord with healthy holiday cookie recipes.
5:44 | 12/19/11

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Transcript for Trim Treats for Santa
We don't know house senate looks forward to that big plate of cookies when it comes down your chimney but that's obscene is -- -- lately that the public benefit or have a few more healthy recipes. They -- here what happened at Ford the founder of needless to Scott eight kid friendly healthy eating that night. You healthy recipe you -- -- and haven't thank you so much having -- myself the right up my Alley I love baking them but some -- don't -- seeing. I'll consider all the facts and -- -- telling -- things that are really simple few ingredients it's not a -- no process that had been done. It's happening you can get a lot of boxed cookies so these -- really easy and the best partner -- -- It sounds great right dive right three start with some long that's tons of Omega three fatty acids so it's gonna get my quick shop. I got back. What you're looking for his feet tiny little pieces it's totally trying to get some of them aren't there bigger cases that you just don't want -- over process that. Because you don't wanted to turn tonight. -- -- -- Events can keep them there -- -- have got a stick unsalted butter and an agreement with some powdered sugar. And it's only a quarter cup which is not enough for cookies and half teaspoon of Vanilla extract giving him. -- we'll pay you back. Cazalot kids -- a little bit want to mention. You can lend us. Yeah an Athens. I'm like that's so when you missed the fact is -- attempted and -- see how easy this is a mean it literally is one victory. And that -- Maxwell and famine and narrate this and you don't need these norms -- -- -- -- Clinton's ethics policy I think there's actually one nice high. And that's Kelly he would in effect here in the overnight that it only -- fifteen seconds for the -- Oh yeah that's why -- like he hit. Cookie -- -- -- expensive so you know you don't need a lot of ingredients to actually make -- happening here is a pivotal trip through the I think skipper. Okay -- good. It makes the perfect size -- accidents even -- -- -- the mideast super. He's been that the winner of beatings here where horrible yet and that -- -- also reports inside -- not giving your child like this giant Norman -- And this is about one tablespoon -- Her experts think so if you didn't happen. You experience you -- that how long would make them. 350. Degrees for about fifteen minutes okay. Doesn't take -- in any unit even with this -- since we think what you sadly this is something that's actually good for kids to. They can do -- -- This would give them attack hit them attack. Then -- And then and then toward. Resolved and -- -- love for you -- -- Powdered sugar just hi Justin to stand -- a -- that would let kidnapping and he. Except this little baby sit I can show you. Using an ever -- -- that this is another thing like I mean he's at my kids last week and I was. They actually were like it's like snow and -- -- That you see it's really an income they really get an island. And -- I kept my eyes -- the right now there's no it artificial colors additive just. So that. The cement company -- in the and -- again here I've got some common -- This is basically a similar recipe that you're gonna mix up -- that. Exactly. Similar if there -- different ingredients in almonds chopping great -- network. For kids and again when it may -- -- -- Preston on I think an even -- -- two year -- it's it's it's nice. City -- and that's going to be the same street fifty degrees. Fifteen minutes. -- -- -- these are these are awards aren't they simply oh my god this is handling these these are gingerbread pancakes I don't quit on me that. -- quantities of cooking habits I need some circles accurate gingerbread batter but if you -- -- make them in the street the gingerbread men couldn't write an opinion. Fill it up and just let exactly you know 34 minutes and and you -- them with -- therapy to even look at that. Not even look. Meals are totally traditional. Sometimes -- And should she -- -- yeah. -- -- Here honey I'm my kids -- -- -- -- -- some eyes about it right. And in my kids like to just eat up ahead a little decapitated walking. -- -- -- They're blue light. Not -- overpowering but again and molasses iron NN Christian expression Green ingredients and it's. It's certainly delicious he's an amazing happened McCourt thank you so -- Yeah classic recipes having.

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{"id":15192488,"title":"Trim Treats for Santa","duration":"5:44","description":"Catherine McCord with healthy holiday cookie recipes.","url":"/Health/video/trim-treats-santa-15192488","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}