Toddler 'Superhero' Saves Mom

Lia Vega called for help from her mom's phone when the Houston woman collapsed.
1:42 | 10/24/11

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Transcript for Toddler 'Superhero' Saves Mom
Two year old -- -- likes to play -- -- But it's your vocabulary. That is getting her all the attention at home federal -- horror again for -- -- life went out. Look Chris Taylor was at her mother in law's house with -- and baby -- last Thursday aren't going to watch. My daughter's bottle. And I blacked out after that and I woke up to my mom. -- shaking me waking me up. She did not know she was diabetic she also had no idea her little girl -- How to use the phone IA never -- her -- father for I have no clue -- picked up I'm assuming just by watching us. -- his grandmother Bobby Gonzalez was on the other end of the phone call. Usually -- she said mom month -- down. Canosa let me talk to her and I could hear that she could have come close to respect until someone you know is a lot of gurgling. Noises. And I said let me talk to your mom she said she won't wake up Gonzalez then called 911 and rushed to the home. Matter of minutes they said -- got to the hospital just in time I can imagine his act. -- Here's the really didn't have -- -- -- -- tonight proud mother is giving -- props to she's been. Wearing a towel around the house calling herself with -- -- over conglomerates Carter about it. -- definitely -- from figure out. And grandmother some extra hugs she likes to anger made him take on her -- animal. She's my best friend. -- Christine -- thirteen Eyewitness News.

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{"id":14802838,"title":"Toddler 'Superhero' Saves Mom","duration":"1:42","description":"Lia Vega called for help from her mom's phone when the Houston woman collapsed.","url":"/Health/video/two-year-old-superhero-saves-moms-life-14802838","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}