A Ventricular Assist Device Is One Child's Last Hope

Berlin Heart helped 6 year-old patient survive until her donor heart arrived.
3:00 | 08/09/12

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Transcript for A Ventricular Assist Device Is One Child's Last Hope
For as long as I can remember -- wanted to -- -- -- Every day you -- win realizing that you're taking on this enormous responsibility. Being entrusted with the care of someone else's child and particular somebody else's child who's been so you're being pregnant in that can work youth. Very stressful because that's when you're exposed to. The issue was fantastic everything's -- just perfectly. And hospital with our woke up the next morning we had breakfast enforcement's -- And I took it on the head home he -- pictures now. -- even for the first time Houston. First grandchild on both sides of the fan and for child loves him so this is this is a huge huge -- You can call from -- in combat hospital. -- -- -- -- music -- When it left if he was in the room. In this general -- -- very warm safe caring environment then all of a sudden she was doing here with all these -- to capture. -- It went from. All everything's fine do we have a -- here's trouble just a matter of hours. It was about eighteen hours after she was born she was diagnosed with a plastic cupped her center. IE knew enough about -- plastic left heart syndrome to know that it was one of the worst heart defects she could have but I didn't know nearly the amount that I was about winner. -- it was a ground for half usually hit by particular care and particularly North Korea. She came out of the Anwar she ended up on bypass machine and -- well. And I have to say is complicated best you know her heart disease -- -- the diagnosis is Avery again it was sort of always on the extreme. Good end of the spectrum. And this was the first time that really there was something unexpected that it happened she was in the hospital for a couple of months even that when she came home she was we actually just wasn't quite herself it seemed to just be taking a long time for her kids start to have energy -- Even want to eat. But she did recover and she went back to school and I think it was about a week after she was in school -- -- she complained to the belly -- Around midnight she woke up and she nominate. And for one split second she just turned like this kind of grayish blue collar both of us sort of looked at each other with this state of panic and said okay we're gonna -- and. Then rushed into children's went to the emergency room he -- two hours later she went into cardiac arrest ended up having to put her back on this act won't bypass machines. To literally saved her life he could not get a heart beating again. Yen down. That basically started. What what's to be multiple months. A couple of more arrests a couple of more bypass runs until he finally -- her for heart transplant. She was on the Berlin heart which was literally keeping her alive -- on the transplant lists for fifty TDs and -- we got a call at 2 o'clock in the morning. From doctor -- boom. And that she sent me and -- heart.

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{"id":16971714,"title":"A Ventricular Assist Device Is One Child's Last Hope","duration":"3:00","description":"Berlin Heart helped 6 year-old patient survive until her donor heart arrived. ","url":"/Health/video/ventricular-assist-device-childs-hope-16971714","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}