Woman Has Phantom Pregnancy, With Quintuplets

Canadian woman is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation after convincing her boyfriend she was pregnant.
3:00 | 03/24/14

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Transcript for Woman Has Phantom Pregnancy, With Quintuplets
Strangers opened their hearts and their wallets to a woman who convinced them that she was pregnant -- she -- her boyfriend were expecting just one baby. But five return without in the case of a phantom pregnancy -- steps explain. It was supposed to be happy an exciting time for this Quebec couple expecting not just their first baby but spotlight. -- -- pending arrival was big news in the small community south of Montreal. Donations poured in to help the growing family friends strangers and businesses showering them with gifts Geneva -- Who has triplets befriended the mother to -- a couple of months ago. As you -- -- -- up my I paid for tips on where to get financial support and places that can help with things like diaper she -- Then came Tuesday the couple went to the hospital where doctors delivered devastating news. They told expectant father his girlfriend was never actually pregnant. Duping not just hit -- But an entire city. Second my -- she won't like she was pregnant and she seemed to have contractions. I never doubted it. So how was this woman able to fool everyone. Perhaps even herself. Doctors say this is a phantom pregnancy. It's -- rare. There is a process whereby you can convince your body that -- pregnant. And you can see people having some form of dissension and you can also see some people starting to have a lactation. The woman is now undergoing psychiatric care Lori stokes channel seven Eyewitness News. Well while she's undergoing some psychiatric care her heart or broken boyfriend is now on the -- -- the present the couple had been given what SPX.

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{"id":23043269,"title":"Woman Has Phantom Pregnancy, With Quintuplets","duration":"3:00","description":"Canadian woman is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation after convincing her boyfriend she was pregnant.","url":"/Health/video/woman-phantom-pregnancy-quintuplets-23043269","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}