Do Women Feel More Pain Than Men?

Dr. Binit Shah explains differences in pain between men and women.
0:39 | 01/20/12

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Transcript for Do Women Feel More Pain Than Men?
I think the only look at differences in -- between men and women we know that it's been argued both ways of why mention experience more pain and why women should experience work. Right now the data isn't clear. When we look at things like prevalence which is the amount of pain if you work port -- -- -- women who also know that women are better advocates for the health care in general. Not only will they go to a doctor report pain but -- more likely go to position to say. My blood sugar is not right I -- have high blood pressure I have a cough so we look at gender differences we have to be very very careful about. The implications that we pull for -- just knowing that behavior in general is different between men and women.

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{"id":15407847,"title":"Do Women Feel More Pain Than Men?","duration":"0:39","description":"Dr. Binit Shah explains differences in pain between men and women.","url":"/Health/video/women-feel-pain-men-15407847","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}