Weekend Willpower: Keep Your Diet on Track


Weekend Wrecker: Sleeping In

No alarm clock, no stressful commute, and often, no morning meal--leading to a gorgefest around noon. "If you don't eat until brunch, you'll be starving and think you can eat the equivalent of two meals," says Bowerman. "Breakfast tends to be the lowest-calorie meal of the day, so skipping 300 calories and tacking on an extra 600 later certainly isn't going to help you drop pounds."

No matter what time you crawl out of bed, chow down!

"Eating helps rev your metabolism, which starts your calorie burn," says Bowerman.

When you do, throw back some coffee too. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant, so a cup of joe can increase your calorie burn and torch more than 100 calories a day. (Not a java fan? Brewed green tea also works.) Then finish your brunch on a sweet note: Researchers from Tel Aviv University recently found that chasing a big breakfast with a small dessert--yes, dessert!--may even help dieters lose more weight and keep it off, possibly by lowering levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin, which may help ward off future cravings.

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Weekend Wrecker: Holiday Mentality

"Routine helps because your stomach gets used to being fed at certain times," says McManus, "and you're more likely to stick to your chosen foods because it's easier." On days off, a break in routine can be a pitfall.

"We tend to treat weekends like holidays, but the problem is they come 52 times a year, not just once," says Bowerman.

Sticking to your Monday-to-Friday routine--say, eating every two to three hours--is a sensible solution, but will you really do it? If you know the answer is no, it's better to acknowledge that from the start and pencil in a "cheat" meal during this time chunk. A planned cheat meal can help prevent a complete blowout. The reasoning: When you know where you're going to spend your extra calories, you won't waste them on other foods that aren't as tasty (e.g., cake that's so-so but not delicious).

On days when you know you'll be away from home for hours, ensure you snack well by carrying healthy options in your purse or car: some nuts, baby carrots, whole-grain crackers, an apple, or a three-ounce pop-top can of tuna with a fork.

Weekend Wrecker: Movie Night

Ryan Gosling's abs are mesmerizing, no doubt, but if you want a belly just as eye-grabbing, don't get too distracted: "When you're focused on a screen, you're not focused on what you're eating," says Bowerman. "Before you know it, you just ate 14 cups of popcorn for hundreds of calories." That's no exaggeration: According to a new Consumer Reports study, the largest-size plain popcorn can have 1,269 calories and 81 grams of fat! And that ginormous soda? Almost 700 calories. Talk about "big" screen.

At the concession stand, choose the smallest serving size available--preferably a kid's size. Research conducted at the University of Illinois found that people tend to eat much more from large containers. With popcorn, ask your server to go easy on the buttery topping; that alone can add 130 calories to a small and 260 to a large. Got a sweet tooth? Split a box of Raisinets for less than 200 calories per person. Better still: Sneak in a healthy snack. (Isn't that what purses are for?) Try an ounce of almonds (about 166 calories for 24 nuts), low-fat string cheese and one cup of grapes (140 calories), or a bottle of zero-calorie flavored water.


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