Baby Born Deformed After Misdiagnosed Ectopic Pregnancy


Misdiagnosed Ectopic: Heartache for Moms

After multiple surgeries, Seraphine is a surprisingly healthy 5-year-old, Schoger said. But her bulging and tethered spinal cord might one day limit her ability to walk, and she'll never be able to have children.

Schoger, now 35, said she spends hours on her computer scouring message boards. She hopes to catch women diagnosed with ectopic pregnancies and urge them to get a second opinion before they take methotrexate. She has yet to find one in time, though she said she has connected with nearly 200 other women with similar experiences. Most of them had already miscarried, though some aborted and a few others were raising babies with birth defects until they died from complications.

In 2008, Schoger was diagnosed with a true ectopic pregnancy -- a diagnosis she said saved her life.

"If you're too early, you have a baby that needlessly lost its life. If you're too late, the woman could rupture and die," she said. "They really need to focus in on the critical window."

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