OxyContin: The Giuliani Connection

Amid FBI Probes, Senator Drops Controversial Project

Amid expanding FBI probes into public corruption in Alaska, the state's senior U.S. senator confirmed he is dropping support for a controversial program that is receiving scrutiny by federal investigators and prosecutors. (ABC News)

Is the U.S. Harboring a Terrorist?

Does a terrorist live in Miami -- not in hiding, but, in fact, quite celebrated by some and very well known by the Bush White House? Is the administration actually allowing a terrorist to live in the United States? (ABC News)

No Child Left Behind Scandal Widens

A scathing report issued today documents "substantial financial ties" between key advisors of Reading First, a controversial federal reading grant program, and publishers who benefited from the program. (ABC News)


12 Arrested In Karachi For Plotting May 12 Attack

Karachi police have arrested 12 suspects allegedly planning an act of terrorism in the city on May 12, Geo television reported. According to police officials, the 12 suspects had confessed they planned a terrorist attack in Karachi on May 12, when the chief justice of Pakistan (CJP) is due to visit the city. (Daily Times)

3 Suicide Bombers Enter Islamabad

A group of three suicide bombers from restive Waziristan have reached Islamabad to target government and military installations, Daily Times has learnt reliably. (Daily Times)


'Israel, France Made Secret Deal To Produce N-Bomb'

Israel and France once made a secret deal to produce a nuclear bomb together, according to a new biography of Israeli elder statesman Shimon Peres. (Daily Times)


German Government to Spend Millions Piecing Together Spy Past

After several years of uncertainty, the German government has decided to spend some 6.3 million euros on a new pilot project that will put together the most complex jigsaw puzzle in the world. (ABC News)

In Run-up to Summit, Police Raids Bring Early Violence

Thousands of people took to the streets last night in Berlin and Hamburg to protest German police raids against anti-globalisation activists officials suspect of plotting to violently disrupt next month's G8 summit in northern Germany. (ABC News)


Somali Police Ban Muslim Women's Veil

Somali security forces are seizing and even burning Muslim women's veils to stop Islamist insurgents from disguising themselves for attacks, authorities and witnesses said on Wednesday. (ABC News)


Americans Detained in Iran

An Iranian-American scholar from a Washington-based think tank was arrested yesterday in Iran after months of house arrest, the State Department confirmed today. (ABC News)


China Military Ties With ASEAN No Threat, U.S. Says

China's bid for closer military ties with Southeast Asia is a "positive overture" and does not pose a threat to U.S. interests in the region, a top U.S. military commander said on Thursday. (Reuters)


Ayoon wa Azan ( Miscalculation or Misjudgment )

By Jihad el-Khazen

News has been batted around over the past weeks of an imminent war between Syria and Israel, with summer being the most likely date. While I cannot give a certain opinion, I can say that there is no smoke without fire. (Al-Hayat)

Iraq War Debate Cited As Aiding Terrorists

By Bill Gertz And S.A.

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