Taliban Leader Threatens U.S., U.K. with Suicide Attacks Before Death


Taliban Leader Threatens U.S., U.K. with Suicide Attacks Before Death

Thirty-six hours before he was killed by U.S. forces, Taliban Commander Mullah Dadullah said he was training American and British citizens to carry out suicide missions in their home countries, according to a videotape interview to be broadcast on ABC News' "World News" Monday. (ABC News)

Taliban Replaces Slain Top Commander with Brother

Mullah Dadullah, the feared Taliban commander killed at the weekend in battle with U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan, has been replaced by his younger brother, a Taliban spokesman said. (Reuters)


Suicide Bomb Attack Kills 25 in Pakistan Hotel: Police

A suspected suicide bomber killed at least 25 people wounded 32 wounded at a busy hotel in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar on Tuesday, a senior police official said. (Reuters)


60 Taliban Killed In Air Strikes: Afghan Police

Air strikes by NATO-led forces killed 60 Taliban fighters in southern Afghanistan's Kandahar province overnight, the provincial police chief said Tuesday. (Daily Jang)


Guantánamo Detainees' Suit Challenges Fairness of Military's Repeat Hearings

The military system of determining whether detainees are properly held at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, includes an unusual practice: If Pentagon officials disagree with the result of a hearing, they order a second one, or even a third, until they approve of the finding. (NY Times)


New Detainees Strain Iraq's Jails

The capture of thousands of new suspects under the three-month-old Baghdad security plan has overwhelmed the Iraqi government's detention system, forcing hundreds of people into overcrowded facilities, according to Iraqi and Western officials. (Washington Post)

U.S. Detains 11 Iraqis In Search For GIs

U.S. troops have questioned hundreds of people and detained 11 in the search for three American soldiers feared captured by al-Qaida during a weekend ambush south of Baghdad, the military said Tuesday. (AP)

Three More Us Troops In Iraq Attacks

Three more US troops have been killed in Iraq, the military said on Tuesday, as the risks of a stepped up security operation kept the month on course to be one of the bloodiest since the 2003 invasion. (Daily Jang)


Qaeda Suspects Planned Attacks on Saudi Oil: TV

Four suspected al Qaeda members arrested in Saudi Arabia last year had planned to attack the kingdom's oil facilities and other Gulf Arab oil producers, they said in confessions shown on Saudi television on Tuesday. (Reuters)


Inspectors Cite Big Gain by Iran on Nuclear Fuel

Inspectors for the International Atomic Energy Agency have concluded that Iran appears to have solved most of its technological problems and is now beginning to enrich uranium on a far larger scale than before, according to the agency's top officials. (NY Times)

Iran Courts the US at Russia's Expense

Iran's relations with the Arab world have taken a dramatic turn for the better, in light of Iran's overtures toward the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, as well as in President Mahmud Ahmadinejad's announcement that Iran is prepared to resume full diplomatic relations with Egypt. (Asia Times)

Iran Steps Up Nuclear Programme

Iran says it plans to install 50,000 centrifuges at the Natanz plant Iran is beginning to enrich uranium on a much larger scale than before, inspectors for the UN's nuclear agency, the IAEA, have concluded. (BBC)

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