Gas Rationing Sparks Roits in Iran


Angry Protests Erupt in Iran over Petrol Rationing

Angry demonstrators torched petrol stations and long queues formed at heavily-guarded fuel pumps Wednesday after oil-rich Iran announced the start of fuel rationing, triggering nationwide protests. (AFP)

Editorial: Workers of Iran Unite Under a New Leader

By Amir Taheri, Special to Gulf News

Some Western commentators have called him "the Iranian Lech Walesa" after the Polish trade unionist who helped bring down the Communist empire. The mullahs ruling Iran, however, regard him as "a dangerous enemy of Islam". (Gulf News)

Iran Web Dismay at Petrol Curbs

Iran's decision to ration fuel for private vehicles and the ensuing unrest has been greeted with surprise and anger among Iranian bloggers, with some voicing sharp criticism of the government. (BBC)


Iran Helping to Plan Attacks in Iraq - US

Iran is training fighters in Iraq and helping to plan attacks there despite diplomatic pressure for change, U.S. officials said on Wednesday, while violence around the Arab state killed at least 19 people. (Reuters)


Fata Peace Linked To Pullout of NATO from Afghanistan

President Gen Pervez Musharraf has called upon tribesmen to stop cross-border infiltration of unwanted elements who were causing unrest in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He cautioned them that this infiltration would have undesirable consequences in the region. (APP)


UN: Security on Lebanon-Syria Border Lax

Security along the Lebanon-Syria border is too lax to prevent arms smuggling and Lebanon should quickly establish a mobile force to intercept any weapons, a U.N.-appointed team said in a report obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press. (AP)


Soviet-Era Weapons Arming the Taliban

While United States officials accuse Iran of arming a resurgent Taliban, officials in this northern Afghan city say the weapons are actually part of vast caches left behind by the Soviet military that fought a nine-year war in Afghanistan before withdrawing in 1988. (Inter Press Service)

Record Opium Crop In Southern Afghanistan

Helmand province in southern Afghanistan, where some 7,000 British troops are based, is on the verge of becoming the world's biggest drugs supplier, cultivating more opium than entire countries such as Burma, Morocco, or even Colombia, the UN warned yesterday. (Guardian)


10 People Killed In Two Roadside Explosions in Baghdad

Ten people were killed in two roadside explosions in Baghdad and the northern shrine city of Samarra on Wednesday. (The Times of India)

At Least Three Killed By Baghdad Car Bomb

A car bomb killed at least three people on Wednesday in an attack on police vehicles near a busy market in northern Baghdad, a witness said. (Reuters)

6 Rebels Killed in Iraq Air Strike

Six insurgents were killed when a British warplane bombed a building south of Baghdad following an attack on an Iraqi police checkpoint, the US military said Wednesday. (The News)

Raid on Top Sunni Official Adds to Iraqi Internal Feuding

Iraqi forces raided the home of Culture Minister Asad al-Hashimi early Tuesday after an arrest warrant accused him of masterminding the 2005 attempted assassination of Mithal al-Alusi, now a member of Parliament who was once a top aide to Ahmad Chalabi. (NY Times)

Iraqi Checkpoints No Obstacle for Insurgents Flush With Cash

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