The Insider: Daily Terrorism Report

The Justice Department has launched two internal investigations into the arrest of Oregon lawyer Brandon Mayfield, who was detained by the FBI earlier this year because of a faulty fingerprint analysis that wrongly linked him to the deadly terrorist bombings in Madrid, according to a report released yesterday. (Washington Post)


Russia Opponents Call Putin's Overhaul Plan A Step Back

President Vladimir V. Putin ordered a stunning overhaul of Russia's political system on Monday in what he called an effort to unite the country against terrorism. If enacted, as expected, the proposals would strengthen his already pervasive control over the legislative branch and regional governments. (NY Times)

Russia Boosts Funds For Security

Russia is to invest more than $5bn extra in its security services to help combat terrorism. (BBC)

AP: Israel Sends Experts To Help Russia

Israel has sent intelligence officers to Russia and is hosting at least two senior Russian officers in Tel Aviv —quietly moving to upgrade anti-terror cooperation with Moscow in the wake of a series of devastating attacks in Russia, officials told The Associated Press. (USA Today)

United States

Agents Knew Case Flimsy, Powell Says Doubts on Iraq Kept from Him, He Testifies

Secretary of State Colin L. Powell said yesterday that at the time he made the case to the United Nations for the invasion of Iraq some US intelligence officials already knew many of the claims about weapons and terrorist ties were suspect, but they had not informed him or other senior policy makers about their doubts. (Boston Globe)


Elbaradei Says Unclear If Iran Nuke Plans Peaceful

It is unclear if Iran's nuclear ambitions are entirely peaceful, but there is still no firm evidence that Tehran is secretly developing atomic weapons as Washington asserts, the U.N. nuclear watchdog said on Tuesday. (Reuters)


UN, Aid Agencies Pull Staff From Herat After Deadly Rioting

The United Nations and several nongovernmental aid agencies withdrew staff from the troubled Afghan city of Herat yesterday after their offices were targeted in deadly rioting. More than 60 workers were relocated after demonstrators attacked aid offices on Sunday in protest at the sacking of longtime Governor Ismail Khan. Four people died and more than 50 were injured. (Arab News)

Afghan Region's New Governor Says Violence Is Ended; Denounces Warlord

The new governor of Herat, Sayed Muhammad Khairkhwa, spent Monday, his first day at work, ensconced at the top of the hill in the city's finest guesthouse, surrounded by American troops with maps and satellite dishes and dozens of Afghan National Army soldiers. (NY Times)


Indonesia Bomb Investigation Finds New Evidence

Investigators in Indonesia have found significant new evidence in the search for those responsible for last Thursday's deadly bombing near the Australian embassy. Diplomats and intelligence agencies are worried that the bombers might strike again if they are not caught soon. Five days after a deadly car bomb exploded on a busy Jakarta street near the Australian embassy, investigators have found part of a man's head that they believe might have belonged to a suicide bomber. The discovery, on the fifth floor of a neighboring office building, could help investigators make a positive identification. (Voice of America)

Parents Blessed Bomber Sons: Police

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