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Allegations of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib, including the beatings of five blindfolded Iraqi generals, occured in November, according to interviews with military personnel who worked in the prison (NY Times)

Japan Debates Soldiers in Iraq Japan's soul-searching over whether a country pledged to pacifism should be sending soldiers into foreign war zones is likely to be rekindled this week, sparked by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's declaration that Japanese troops will join a multinational force to provide security in Iraq. (LA Times)

Abu Ghraib Will Stay, Interim Leader Says

Interim Iraqi President Ghazi Ajil Yawer said there were no plans to destroy the Abu Ghraib prison, despite an offer by President Bush to replace the jail, where U.S. troops abused inmates. (LA Times)

Justice Dept. Memo Says Torture 'May Be Justified' Today is posting a copy of the Aug. 1, 2002, memorandum "Re: Standards of Conduct for Interrogation under 18 U.S.C. 2340-2340A," from the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel for Alberto R. Gonzales, counsel to President Bush. (Washington Post)

Aug. 1, 2002, Memorandum (PDF)

Iranian Sources: New Organization Recruiting Volunteers for Suicide Operations

A previously unknown organization called "Honoring the Martyrs" was established in Iran and decided to send hundreds, including Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds, to carry out suicide operations against U.S. forces and its allies in Iraq and other countries, according to one of the organization's officials. There's speculation about possible involvement of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in the establishment of this organization. The official claims that over 3000 have filled applications to join the organization. He said training has started and the first group of suicide attackers already left for Iraq. (Asharq Al Awsat)


Bad Fix for CIA's Defects

Proposals for sweeping reform of the CIA are circulating through the Capitol in advance of next month's release of the 9/11 commission's report and its excruciating details of intelligence failures. The cures, unfortunately, are almost certainly worse than the disease. (LA Times)

Where Is Libya Now?

If the accusation against Gadhafi is confirmed, then his tenure in power will be compromised, and the U.S., which did not cross out Libya off the list of supporters of terrorism, says it will remain on the list for now, with the possibility of imposing new sanctions on it. (Al Hayat)

Afghanis Take On Major Challenges President Hamid Karzai's eight-day visit to the U.S heralds a new chapter in Afghan-American relations. After he attended the G8 Summit in Sea Island, Ga., Mr. Karzai addressed Chicago and California business leaders. (Washington Times)

DOJ and Padilla After American citizens Jose Padilla and Yaser Hamdi had been imprisoned for nearly two years incommunicado, and without charges, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in April in their cases. (Washington Times)

Wanted for Elections in Iraq: A Few Good Judges

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