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A Spanish judge issued international arrest warrants on Wednesday for five people in the Madrid train bombings, and re-arrested a released Moroccan suspect, a court official said today. Among the five whose arrest is sought is Abdelkrim Mejjati, a 36-year-old Moroccan who was convicted in absentia after deadly bombings in Casablanca last year and is no longer believed to be in Morocco, the Associated Press reports. Those bombings killed 33 people and 12 suicide bombers. Spanish Interior Minister Angel Acebes on Tuesday identified the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group as the main focus of investigation in the March 11 bombings in Madrid, which killed 191 people and injured more than 1,800 others. Mejjati is wanted by the FBI in connection with possible terrorist threats against the United States.

And Canadian press reports that following a raid Tuesday on an Ottawa home, one of its residents was charged with two terrorism-related offences. Mohammad Momim Khawaja, 29, was arrested Monday at his workplace and charged with participating in or contributing to the activities of a terrorist group and facilitating terrorist activity, the RCMP said in a release. The charges fall under Canada's anti-terrorism law.




Spain Issues International Warrants for 5

Spanish judge issues international arrest warrants for five bombing suspects, re-arrests Moroccan. (AP)


More Manila Terror Plot Suspects Nabbed

Two more terror suspects have been arrested in the Philippines along with four Muslim militants who were allegedly planning a major attack on trains and shopping malls in Manila. (AP)


Anti-Terrorism Charges Laid Against Ottawa Man After Raid On Home, Office

An Ottawa man was charged Tuesday with two terrorism-related offences after police raids at his home and office, while shocked family members insisted upon his innocence. (Canadian Press)

9/11 Commission

Commission to Question Rice Publicly

Commission to question Rice Publicly on Bush's pre-Sept. 11 anti-terrorism policies. (AP)

9/11 Commission Examines Clinton Records

Federal commissioners investigating the 2001 terrorist attacks have been poring over some 6,000 documents from former President Bill Clinton's presidential archive. (AP)

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Authorities Arrest 15

Saudi authorities arrested 15 suspects yesterday in Mecca. They were wanted for "security reasons," but it's still unclear if the arrests are related to terrorist activities. (Asharq Al Awsat)


Marines Sent to Boost Afghan Terror Hunt

The first of 2,000 U.S. Marines sent to intensify the hunt for al Qaeda and Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan have arrived, the American military said Wednesday. (Washington Post)



Anti-Terror Probe Spots Holes in Canada's Airport, Passport Security

Extremists could exploit gaps in airport and border security which Canada failed to plug in a 7.7 billion dollar anti-terror drive launched after the September 11 attacks, an official report warned. (AFP)


Govt Pushes Anti-Terrorism Law Amendments in Parliament

The Federal Government has introduced into Parliament legislation to strengthen the nation's counter-terrorism laws. ( — Australia)


Airports' Security Level Lowered

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