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The governments of the United States and Saudi Arabia released a joint statement today on terror financing, designating four branch offices of an Islamic foundation as financiers of terror. The offices of the Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation — located in Kenya, Tanzania, Pakistan and Indonesia — have been infiltrated by individuals who support terror, Saudi and U.S. authorities said today. The United States and Saudi Arabia have recently been working closely to identify perpertrators of terror as well as their financiers. Saudi Arabia has scaled up its campaign against terror, following several terror attacks over the last year within the country.

And a former U.N. weapons inspector may replace David Kay as the head of the hunt for weapons of mass destruction team in Iraq, administration officials said last night. Charles Duelfer, an experienced former U.N. official, had previously expressed doubts that any weapons will ever be found.



Saudi Arabia, United States Saudi Arabia and the United States Jointly Designate Four Organizations as Financiers of Terrorism (Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia)

United States Secrets of the 20th Hijacker Everyone — including Zacarias Moussaoui — wants to know what he knows. But the man being held at Guantanamo Bay isn't talking. (Newsweek)

Probe of Intercepted Messages Focuses On Shelby The investigation centers on the disclosure in 2002 that the National Security Agency had intercepted two messages on the eve of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks signaling that something was to happen the next day. (Washington Post)

ACLU: Terror Database Threatens Privacy A seven-state crime database launched with $12 million in federal funds is a more powerful threat to privacy than its organizers acknowledge, the American Civil Liberties Union alleged Wednesday after obtaining documents relating to the program.(AP)

Canada Canada Reporter's Home Raided Over Al Qaeda Story Police raided the home and office of an Ottawa journalist on Wednesday to investigate possible leaks of classified information about a Syrian-born Canadian who was deported to Syria by the United States, suspected of ties to al Qaeda. (Reuters)

Afghanistan Taliban Warns of More Attacks Afghanistan's outlawed Taliban has threatened more attacks against foreign troops and those allied with the country's interim President Hamid Karzai. (Al Jazeera)


The 9th Issue of Sot Al Jihad: New Video Of November Riyadh Attacks

In its 9th issue, the bi-monthly online magazine Sot Al Jihad says it received a copy of a video produced by Al Sahab for Media Production about the suicide attacks on a residential compound in Riyadh in November of last year. According to the magazine, the video contains the wills of the suicide bombers as well as the preparations for the operation and pictures of the actual suicide attack with the use of "a new technology." It is still unclear who exactly is behind the magazine, but it has in the past published articles and interviews with Saudi terror suspects. (ABC News Investigative Unit)


United States Minnesotan Charged With Al Qaeda Support A federal indictment unsealed Wednesday charged a Minnesota man with conspiracy to support to the al Qaeda terrorist network. (AP)

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