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Official: Saddam Was Bush's Focus While Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld disputed former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill's accounts, an official told ABCNEWS he was present in the same meetings during which President Bush ordered the Pentagon to explore the possibility of a ground invasion of Iraq well before the Sept. 11, 2001. (ABCNEWS)

U.S. May Change Plans for Iraq Handover Shiite leader's objections may prompt U.S. to change its plans for transfer of power to Iraqis. (AP)

The Other Casualties As attacks on Americans continue, Iraqi civilians get caught in the crossfire. (ABCNEWS)

GIs Nab Relatives of Key Iraqi Insurgent U.S. troops arrest four family members of most-wanted Iraqi insurgent during raid in Samarra, Iraq. (AP)

U.N. Considers Return to Iraq The United Nations is exploring the possibility of returning to Iraq but Secretary-General Kofi Annan has said repeatedly he will not risk the lives of international staffers unless the world body has a major role in the country. (AP)

Iraqis Accuse U.S. Troops in Deaths of Civilians The five were killed in incidents in two cities. (LA Times)

Hussein Warned Iraqis to Beware Outside Fighters, Document Says Saddam Hussein warned Iraqis to be wary of joining forces with foreign fighters entering Iraq to battle U.S. troops. (NY Times)

Kurdish Official Fears Ibrahim May Go to Saudi Arabia Khedr Hassan, an official from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, said he feared that former Iraqi vice president Ezzat Ibrahim may be able to escape to Saudi Arabia. Hassan said he had "concrete information" that seven Baath officials who are close to Ibrahim are preparing to leave Kirkuk Thursday morning to go to Saudi Arabia and prepare for Ibrahim's secret transfer there. The Baath officials will claim to be going to Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage, said Hassan, explaining that he will hold discussions with Iraqi and U.S. officials today to arrest them before they leave. (Elaph)

Rumsfeld: Saddam's Prisoner of War Status No Bar to Trial By Iraqis Saddam Hussein's classification as an enemy prisoner of war will have no effect on whether he can be prosecuted and tried by Iraq or other countries who have claims against him, U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said. (AFP)

Oil-Rich City Will Be Major Test for Iraq Iraq's long-suppressed Kurds have converged on oil-rich Kirkuk to claim it as their own, setting the stage for a struggle that will profoundly affect this country once the Americans hand over power to a new Iraqi leadership. (AP)

Canadians to Bid On Iraq Projects President Bush reversed United States policy on Tuesday and said Canada would be allowed to bid on some of the $18.6 billion in American-financed Iraqi reconstruction projects, bringing to an end a bitter dispute with a major ally. (NY Times)

Helicopter Crews Dread the Six O'Clock Shadow For guerrillas around Fallujah, U.S. Army helicopters have become a target of choice. With increasing frequency, they are targeting the aircraft with Soviet-designed shoulder-fired missiles. (Washington Post)


Trying to Balance Security, Freedom and Those Detainees The funny thing about freedom is how quickly people will chuck it out the window when forced to choose between that and their personal security. (Chicago Sun-Times)

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