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— In an exclusive report, ABCNEWS obtained a note handwritten by former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein in which he authorized the withdrawal of more than $1 billion from the Iraqi Central Bank on March 19, 2003. The cash was in fact taken out of the Central Bank that day. While U.S. forces have recovered most of this amount, the missing $132 million is suspected to have financed recent attacks against coalition forces.

And in another ABCNEWS exclusive, experts say that suspected 9/11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui was mentally too unstable to have participated in the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington. Prosecutors in the case are seeking the death penalty.


Missing Millions Saddam's fortune may still be financing Iraqi insurgency. (ABCNEWS)

Near-Miss on Saddam Aide U.S. Sweep Draws More Iraqi Anger U.S. forces said yesterday they came close to catching Saddam Hussein's former top deputy in a big, two-day sweep through the northern town of Hawija early this week. (Reuters)

U.S. Army Arrest Deputy to Firebrand Shiite Cleric A deputy of a firebrand Iraqi Shiite leader has been arrested in Baghdad in connection with the killing of two US soldiers in October, a US general said. (AFP)

Report: Japan to Send Troops to Iraq Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has approved a plan to start sending 1,000 troops for non-combat duty in Iraq by the end of December, a newspaper reported Thursday. (AP)

Shiite Cleric New Head of Iraq's Council The new president of Iraq's Governing Council is a Shiite cleric and former militia leader who strongly objects to a key part of a U.S. plan to give sovereignty to Iraqis by July 1. (AP)

Iraqis to Form Anti-Guerrilla Militia Iraqi political parties and coalition authorities are discussing the creation of a 1,000-member militia to bolster the U.S. military's fight against a guerrilla insurgency, U.S. and Iraqi officials said Wednesday. (AP)

Body Armor Saves Lives in Iraq Pentagon criticized for undersupply of protective vests. (Washington Post)

Saudi Arabia to Withhold $1 Billion Aid for Iraq Saudi Arabia will withhold the $1 billion in loans and credits that it pledged last month for Iraq's reconstruction. (Arab News)'s Ad Campaign Targets U.S. Spending on Iraq, the antiwar organization that started five years ago with a plea to Congress to drop the impeachment case against President Clinton, today will launch its latest advertising salvo of the 2004 election season. (LA Times)

Baath Party Statement Hails the Resistance A statement allegedly issued by the former Iraqi Baath Party and sent to Al Quds Al Arabi newspaper commended the efforts of the national security forces in resisting the occupying forces. (Al Quds Al Arabi)

U.S. Rejects Iraqi Plan to Hold Census By Summer Iraqi census officials devised a plan to count the population next summer and prepare a voter roll for September elections, but the U.S. rejected the idea. (NY Times)


Editorial: A Failure in U.S. Intelligence Just how intelligent is US intelligence in Iraq? Eight months after the invasion, it remains extraordinary that Washington seems to have little idea of whom it is fighting. (Arab News)

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