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— U.S. General Abizaid, head of Central Command said today that attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq have dropped by fifty percent in the last two weeks as coalition forces have intensified their operations against Iraqi insurgents. At the same time, Abizaid says, the attacks against Iraqis by insurgents are on the rise.

Plus, more on the ongoing investigation of the suicide bombings in Turkey last week — the Turkish court charges nine people in connection with the attacks.

And articles on the handling of terror suspects at home and abroad — a Canadian sues Syria and Jordan for allegedly torturing him while he was in detention — he also threatens to sue the U.S. for deporting him to a country which uses torture. And the lawyer for detained army Muslim chaplain James Yee writes to President Bush asking for his client's release, saying the charges against him "do not warrant pretrial confinement of any kind."

Please note: The Daily Terrorism Report will be on break over Thanksgiving week. It will resume again on Monday, December 1. We wish you a happy Thanksgiving.

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General Says Fewer Attacks on U.S. Forces in Iraq A top U.S. general said on Tuesday that attacks on his forces in Iraq had halved over the past two weeks, while those on Iraqis had surged. General John Abizaid, head of Central Command, said U.S.-led forces had intensified operations against insurgents to counter a rise in activity by anti-U.S. fighters. (AP)

Theft of Cobalt in Iraq Prompts Security Inquiry A seeming lapse in surveillance led to the looting of radioactive capsules and at least one case of radiation sickness. (NY Times)

U.S. Rejects Report of Slashing Two soldiers slain in Mosul were shot to death, officials say, denying claims of mutilation. One victim was from Glendale. (LA Times)

Iraq/Iran Agreement on 'Terror Groups' Sources close to the Iraqi Governing Council told Elaph, an Arab news website, that an agreement between Iraq and Iran related to the crackdown on 'terror groups' in both countries was signed during the visit of Jalal Talbani to Iran. The agreement supposedly includes the Iranian opposition group mujaheddin Khalq. (Elaph)

Video Shows Nearly Dozen Militants in DHL Cargo Jet Strike A video showing a masked militant firing the missile that hit a DHL civilian cargo jet over Baghdad, setting its engine ablaze in the first successful hit on a plane of the seven-month-old insurgency, was delivered to a French journalist a foreign news agency reported on Tuesday. (Hi Pakistan)

Iraqis Ask U.N. for Resolution The Iraqi Governing Council asked Monday for a Security Council resolution recognizing a new American-Iraqi agreement for a speedier transfer of power in Iraq. (NY Times)

U.S. Targets Opposition Clerics in Mosul The U.S. military is acting to stem the rising tide of radical Islamism in Iraq's third largest city and rooting out preachers held to be using their sermons to incite attacks on Americans. (The Guardian)

Some Members Propose Keeping Iraqi Council After Transition Leaders of the Iraqi Governing Council, just days after vowing to dissolve the body when a new provisional Iraqi government is elected in June, are lobbying to stay in power and serve as a second legislative body, perhaps as a senate. (NY Times)

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