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— Today, an article on FBI fears that despite tightened scurity around the country, terrorists could still obtain materials to make "dirty bombs". Plus, a look at the peacekeeping costs in Iraq and Afghanistan — should having more troops mean getting more money? Also, more on Saturday's deadly bombing in Riyadh which claimed the lives of 18 people. And is London the next target for a terrorist attack?


U.S. Holds 20 Suspected Al Qaeda in Iraq The U.S. military has detained about 20 people suspected of links to al Qaeda, the commander of American forces said. (AP)

Iraqi Tribes, Asked to Help G.I.'s, Say They Can't As a tribal chieftain in Iraq's most rebellious city, Sheik Khamis el-Essawi has met more American commanders in the last seven months than he can remember. (NY Times)

Document Reveals Names of Jordanian Volunteers to Fight the U.S. in Iraq A document obtained by an Iraqi journalist revealed that 120 volunteers from the Islamic Labor Party, known for its sympathy with the former Iraqi regime, who were willing to go fight the U.S. forces in Iraq. The document was dated July 17th, 2003. The Iraqi journalist told the Saudi Al Watan newspaper he had obtained the document from a Jordanian colleague. (Al Watan)

Get-Tough U.S. Bombs Suspected Rebel Site in Iraq The precision airstrike near Baghdad is the third such hit in recent days on locations linked to deadly attacks on American troops. (LA Times)

Cheney Theme of Qaeda Ties to Iraq Bombings Are Questioned by Some (NY Times)

Troops Find Talk is Key to Earning Trust of Iraqis Colonel stops daily attacks on patrols in Sunni heartland by freeing man accused of financing bombers. (The Guardian)

Iraq 'faces severe health crisis' The people of Iraq may have poorer health for generations as a result of the war, a report says. (BBC)

U.S. Blocks Payout to Gulf War Veterans The Bush administration has blocked compensation for U.S. soldiers captured and tortured during the first Gulf war, arguing that the money was now needed for Iraq's reconstruction, veterans' lawyers said yesterday. (The Guardian)

Opinion & Analysis:

Defining the Resistance In Iraq — It's Not Foreign And It's Well Prepared UN weapons inspector saw 'blueprints' for Monday's insurgency. (CS Monitor)

Dreamers and Idiots Britain and the US did everything to avoid a peaceful solution in Iraq and Afghanistan. (The Guardian)

Cheney's Long Path to War The Hard Sell: He sifted intel. He brooded about threats. And he wanted Saddam gone. The inside story of how Vice President Cheney bought into shady assumptions and helped persuade a nation to invade Iraq. (Newsweek)

The Resistance in the Sunni Triangle (1 of 5) The road of smuggling that has become the road of resistance for Iraqis and Arabs. The current situation in Fallujah today has a direct impact on the nature of things in this city. (Al Hayat)



Saudi Arabia Saudi Forces Detain Riyadh Bombing Suspects Saudi security forces arrested suspects in a suicide bomb attack on a housing complex in Riyadh and the king of the world's biggest oil exporter vowed to strike with "an iron fist" at those trying to destabilize his country. (Reuters)

Report: Al Qaeda Behind Saudi Bombing Purported al Qaeda operative tells magazine it's responsible for deadly bombing in Saudi capital. (AP)

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