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U.S. Detains Relatives of Suspects in Iraq Attacks As the U.S. military searches for tactics to break an escalating guerrilla war, the arrests have unleashed more anger and etched deeper the cultural divide. (Washington Post)

European Muslims Heading to Fight in Iraq The head of Denmark's domestic intelligence agency said Tuesday that some European Muslims, angered by the U.S. occupation of Iraq, are heading there to join the anti-American resistance. (AP)

At Last Locals Are Given The Task Of Curbing The Growing Rebellion American officials agree "in principle" to give Iraqis responsibility for new security force to tackle growing insurgency, says head of Iraq's governing council. (The Guardian)

Embedded Reporters 'Sanitized' Iraq War Television reports produced by "embedded" correspondents in the Iraq conflict gave a sanitized picture of war, according to BBC study. (The Guardian)

Analysis & Opinion:

What Next for Iraq? Experts Have Their Say Is there a solution, and if so, what is it? The Guardian asked experts from several countries for the answers. (The Guardian)

No 'Cronyism' in Iraq The premise of the accusations is completely contrary to the way government contracting works, both in theory and in practice. (Washington Post)

Iraqis at the Wheel We need more than an Iraqi police force. We need an Iraqi leader elected through a constitutional or political process. (NY Times)

Iraq's Unbridgeable Divide After the downing of a U.S. helicopter in Iraq with the loss of 15 soldiers, BBC correspondent Jonny Dymond in Baghdad finds a revealing divide between the reaction of US troops and that of Iraqi civilians. (BBC)

Death Be Not Loud If President Bush grieves publicly for those killed in Iraq, he runs the risk of reminding people of what's going on there. (NY Times)

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