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— Today's DTR focuses on the investigation of this weekend's deadly attack on a Riyadh housing compound which claimed the lives of at least 17 people. ABCNEWS has new information on the collaboration of intelligence before the bombing and its impact on future attacks. Also, what does the choice of the target mean?



Saudi Arabia Intelligence Upgraded? U.S., U.K, Saudi Arabia knew Riyadh attack was imminent, but not the target. (ABCNEWS)

Riyadh on Alert for Fresh Attacks Security is stepped up in the Saudi capital following Saturday's suicide attack on a foreign workers' compound. (BBC)

Saudis Blame Al Qaeda As Bomb Kills 17 Saudis blamed al Qaeda militants Sunday for the suicide car bombing of a Riyadh housing complex that killed 17 people, declaring it proof of the terror network's willingness to shed Muslim blood in its zeal to bring down the U.S.-linked Saudi monarchy. Al Hayat meanwhile reports that security was heightened in the capital hours before the attack, indicating that authorities may have anticipated possible attacks. Saudi interior minister Prince Nayef however denied this was the case. (AP)

U.S. Had Warning of Attack, but No Details Only days before the bombing in Saudi Arabia on Saturday that killed at least 17 people, American intelligence agencies had been warned that such an attack by al Qaeda was imminent but the warnings lacked sufficient detail to disrupt the plot, officials said Sunday. (NY Times)

Armitage Says Al Qaeda Aims to Topple Saudi Royals U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage has told Al Arabiya television that Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network wants to topple the pro-Western Saudi royal family. (Reuters)

Editorial: Show No Mercy to Terrorists The terrorist attack on a housing compound in Saudi Arabia, leaving 17 people dead, is yet another proof that the perpetrators of the attack are outside any recognizable political agenda. (Gulf News)

U.S. Urges Saudi Cooperation After Blast Top U.S. diplomat urges Saudi cooperation on terror after car bombing that killed 17 in capital. (AP)

Shootout with Militants in Riyadh Last Thursday Asharq Al Awsat is reporting according to eyewitnesses that Saudi security forces were involved in a shootout with militants in the neighborhood of al Suwaidi on the night of Nov. 6. Resident report a heavy confrontation, as militants were shooting at Saudi helicopters that were circling over the area. There was heavy presence of security forces and armored vehicles in the neighborhood, they said. (Asharq Al Awsat)

Phone Number of Swiss Woman Puzzling Investigators Saudi investigators were puzzled to find the number of a Swiss woman on the cell phone of one of the May 12 Riyadh suicide bombers. After tapping her phone for two months, they still failed to understand the connection. The woman meanwhile complained in a Swiss court saying tapping her phone was considered an invasion of her privacy. (Al Watan)

Analysis: A Campaign to Rattle a Long-Ruling Dynasty For years, Osama bin Laden called for the violent overthrow of the Saudi royal family for allowing American bases in the holiest land of Islam. (NY Times)

AP: Recent Terror Attacks Around the World (AP)

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