Middleton Plays the Name Game

Princess-to-be Must Decide on 'Kate' or 'Catherine'

The great debate over Middleton's name rages on as her royal wedding to Prince William gets closer. Is it Kate or Catherine Middleton?

This morning on a visit to Northern Ireland a woman asked Middleton which name she preferred. Middleton's response?

"I'm still very much Kate," she said, The Associated Press reported.

Speculation has it that Middleton will use Catherine in a formal setting, since that is how the palace refers to her. Her full name appeared on the announcement of the couple's engagement and on the wedding invitations. Even Prince William has been calling his fiancee Catherine.

According to the official royal wedding website, she answers to both names and has never expressed a preference. She grew up using Catherine within her family, but goes by Kate in her working life.

"Her name's Catherine, and I think we've got to get used to the idea," Dickie Arbiter, former press secretary to the queen, tells ABC. "Let's make it regal now. Kate's a bit rough, isn't it?"

Do you agree? Is Kate too rough a name for a future queen?

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