Royal Wedding Dress Rehearsal

Members from each of the three British military services, the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force, took to the streets of London today for an early-morning rehearsal. The pre-dawn walk-through was a full-scale timed dry run, allowing service members to practice their roles, in uniform, to reduce the likelihood of something going wrong the day of the royal wedding.

More than 1,000 military personnel and musicians will line the mile and a half procession route Friday from the ceremony at Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace.

For the tourists and royal wedding watchers on hand at the early hour, it was a chance to see the pomp and pageantry being planned for Prince William and Kate Middleton's big day.

Cars from the royal fleet and the horse-drawn carriages, which are transporting the royal couple, their families and bridal party, also took place in the morning rehearsal.

The military run-through was just the beginning of many rehearsals taking place in the final 48 hours until William and Middleton's wedding. According to the Daily Mail, a full music rehearsal will take place today at Westminster Abbey, with a dress rehearsal for clergy and broadcasters Thursday.