Beyond the Bush Bashing -- Chavez's Poetry and Prozac


When Chavez has a period of depression, Wornat said, he sometimes will just stay in bed. "He could have a high of euphoria and the following week feel like he was in a deep depression. So he'd go from feeling like a king to feeling like he was in the dark," she said.

But Marksman may not have been the most important woman in Chavez's life. That place, said Wornat, is likely reserved for his grandmother. He loved his grandmother, she said. "I think she was the person he loved the most. The one person that most influenced him," she said. "I read the letters he wrote Herma, his lover, in which he spoke about how he had to forget the abuse of his mother and father."

Despite his difficult childhood, Chavez maintains a relationship with his parents, Wornat said. He was born in the state of Barinas, and his parents are the "royal family" of the state, she added.

He may enjoy poetry and writing love letters, but Chavez is a dangerous man in Wornat's eyes.

"Chavez is a dangerous man. He is a head of state who can make a decision in a state of euphoria or in a deep depression. So suddenly he can invite the ayatollahs of Iran or the president of Iran to challenge Bush. I think those attitudes that he has can be even more dangerous than whether he has his brother or family in government," Wornat said.

There is only one person on the world stage who holds sway over Chavez, according to Wornat. "Fidel is the only one. Fidel is like his dad. Fidel is the only one who can make him change his opinion," she said.

In "Accursed Chronicles," Wornat also describes Chavez as having a love for the high life -- and a violent streak.

Wornat said Chavez loves fine Italian suits, has a collection of fine jewelry and watches, and has spent $65 million on a private airbus jet.

Wornat also spoke with Chavez's ex-wife for the book. "Her relationship with Chavez was a very bad one, very turbulent … he would hit her," she said.

A Desire for Martyrdom?

Chavez has said he believes the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has been plotting to kill him. Wornat said she thinks he may have a desire to be assassinated.

"I think deep inside he wants to be killed and become a martyr like the Che [Guevara]. And to be loved by the millions and to have a marvelous funeral with millions of Venezuelans running beside his funeral carriage. And he'd become a myth which is what he'd love. But what does Chavez do if oil revenues fall? How does he maintain power while giving all the neighboring countries money? And giving away fistfuls of money the way that he is to the poor Venezuelans? What happens when that ends? The poor Venezuelans will go after him."

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