Donate Your Bike, Save the World?

In the United States, many bikes finish their lives in back alleys or in rivers. Although it is impossible to calculate the number of old bikes available for recycling, 18.7 million adult and children bicycles were sold in the United States last year, according to the National Bicycle Dealers Association, the continuation of a steadily growing flow. Undeniably, America is sitting on a wealth of unused bicycles.

"A great number just hang in people's garages, we know that much" said Mozer. An old bicycle too beaten-up to fix can still be taken apart by recycling facilities and charity programs. Any viable parts -- pedals, brakes, frames, handlebars, gears or saddles -- can be reused to fit other incomplete bicycles.

All it takes is for an owner to get in touch with these programs, or simply their local bike shop. If it is not involved in a collection scheme, it will direct them to the right program.

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