First Day of Testimony Has Emotional End for Amanda Knox

Knox's Father Says She Is "Confident"

Knox was also in court for today's hearing, the second day of the trial, which began with a hearing Jan. 16. Knox looked relaxed as she entered the courtroom dressed simply in jeans and a green sweater, accompanied by the usual prison guards.

"She is just a young girl," remarked a woman in the public section of the courtroom, as Knox walked by.

Knox smiled at her lawyers and turned to smile at her father, Curt Knox, who was also present in court.

Knox's parents and family members have taken turns going to Perugia so that someone is almost always there to visit her twice a week in prison.

As Knox took her seat in the courtroom she glanced over at Sollecito, and they exchanged shy smiles.

She sat between her lawyer and her court-appointed interpreter, who whispered a running translation in English of the proceedings in her ear. Knox followed attentively, apparently without tiring or getting bored. Her father, however, did not have an interpreter and had to rely on brief summaries of the proceedings that were provided by lawyers during breaks.

"Amanda is confident," Curt Knox told reporters as he arrived at the courthouse, "and we have faith in the Italian justice system."

After the statement by Sollecito, the two judges and six jurors who make up the jury began to hear the first witnesses in the case.

In an evident effort to reconstruct a timeline of events, the prosecution's witnesses are being called in the order in which they arrived at the scene of the crime on the morning of Nov. 2, 2007.

Knox was the first person to go to the Perugia cottage she shared with Kercher and two Italian roommates the morning after the murder. She had spent the night, she says, at Sollecito's house and had gone home to shower when she discovered things amiss at her home. The front door was wide open; spots of blood were in the bathroom. She then went to get Sollecito who returned to the house with her; soon after the police arrived.

Among the first witnesses to testify today were two police officers of Italy's postal police who had come to the cottage to return Kercher's cell phone; it had been found by a neighbor in her garden.

When they arrived at the cottage, the officers said they found Knox and Sollecito standing outside. They said that the couple told them things were amiss in the house and that they had called the police, the "carabinieri."

Another roommate of the girls arrived shortly after and the postal police knocked down the locked door of Kercher's room.

Police Inspector Says Knox Was "Surprised But Calm"

Chief police inspector Michele Battistelli testified that when police broke down the door, "There was quite a lot of blood," he said. "I saw (Kercher's) foot sticking out from the duvet, and given the color and the fact that she didn't move, I thought I'd call the emergency sanitary service."

Battistelli also said that Knox and Sollecito, whom he met at the crime scene, appeared "surprised, but calm."

Sollecito addressed the court for the second time, and his lawyers announced that he would regularly be making be statements to give his version of events.

Sollecito explained that he had remained close to Knox that morning because she was "very shocked and cold."

"She was silent and was staring into space," he said.

The questioning of the police today revolved around the timing of events that morning and the conditions they found in the house.

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