Amanda Knox Goes Back to Cell to Await Monday's Verdict


Amanda Knox Awaits Monday's Verdict

Mignini cited instead what he called the Knox family's "expensive public relations operation" to win support for her, and urged the jury to not be swayed. The Knox family has said they hope to take her home to Seattle if the verdict is thrown out.

"An acquittal would mean an escape abroad and no justice in this case. It's up to you to bring justice," he told the jury.

A third person, local drifter Rudy Guede, has also been convicted of taking part in the murder during a separate trial. Guede has exhausted his appeals and is serving a 16 prison sentence.

Prosecutors today tried to discount a Skype call with Guede that was monitored by police shortly after Kercher's killing in which Guede said the Knox and Sollecito were not present for the murder.

Lead prosecutor Giancarlo Costagliola said that call was not admissable because it was not made with the proper court authorization.

Comodi and Mignini both defended the investigators' forensic work. A bare footprint that had allegedly been wiped clean just outside Kercher's bedroom was revealed by chemicals and matches Sollecito, they argued.

Despite being descredited by two court appointed forensic experts, the DNA evidence on Kercher's bra clasp was clearly from Sollecito, Comodi argued. His distinctive Y chromosone, she said, made it as different from other DNA as carbonara sauce is from amatriciana.

Rebuttals from other lawyers, including one for the Kercher family will continue today. The Kercher family has not been present during the appeals hearings, but are expected to arrive in time for the verdict on Monday.

Lawyers for Knox and Sollecito will make their rebuttals and the last to speak will be Sollecito and Knox who will make personal statements to the court. Knox's family told ABC News that she has been working on her statement for more than three months.

The six jurors and two judges will make a decision by majority vote. If they are evenly split, Knox will be acquitted.

Watch full coverage of the Amanda Knox case on "20/20" tonight at 10 p.m. ET.

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