Amanda Knox Prosecutor Warns of Media Interference in Trial


Amanda Knox's Appeal in Final Days

The family, like Knox, was very serious and tense in the courtroom today. During early statements Knox only looked straight ahead or down, occasionally writing notes.

What is fueling the family's hopes is the testimony during an earlier phase of their appeal this summer.

Two court-appointed independent experts reviewed two key pieces of evidence in the case. One crucial piece of evidence is Kercher's bra clasp, allegedly with Sollecito's DNA on the hook, that was collected six weeks after the murder. The second is a kitchen knife found at Sollecito's apartment. The prosecution claims it's the murder weapon and has Kercher's DNA on the blade and Knox's on the handle.

After a three month review, the independent experts concluded that the evidence was likely contaminated and testing results were inconclusive.

The independent experts also scolded prosecutors for the way they handled the DNA evidence.

During the appeal, they played video of the crime scene collection after explaining basic evidence collection standards: place evidence in paper, not plastic bags, change gloves frequently and gently swab for DNA, don't rub.

As the video showed evidence placed in plastic bags, gloves not changed and cotton swabs rubbing surfaces, some spectators gasped in horror while others laughed.

Most notable was the collection of the bra clasp, already controversial because it was collected six weeks after the murder. The video showed forensic police picking up the clasp, handing it to one another, placing it back on the floor, photographing it and then picking it up again.

The independent experts said the substance on the knife blade was starch, specifically rye bread, not Kercher's DNA. They argued that the amount of DNA was too minuscule to have been tested in the first place.

ABC News Nikki Battiste contributed to this report

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