Amanda Knox: Four Possible Verdicts, Only One in Her Favor


Amanda Knox's Tangled Cases

Lumumba's attorney called Knox a "liar" said her statement destroyed Lumumba as "a man, father and husband."

Knox's lawyers contend she prodded by Perugia police to implicate Lumumba.

Knox has also been slapped with lawsuits from Kercher's family and the landlady who owned the house where Kercher died. The landlady claims she lost money because sealed off the crime scene for more than a year and its value has diminished because it has become known as the "cottage of death."

Even if all those suits are resolved, Knox will still have a case outstanding in the Italian judicial system.

Seven Perugia police officers and an interpreter have accused Knox of slander for saying that officials were abusive while she was being interrogated prior to her arrest in 2007. During her defense, Knox said the officers shouted at her, discouraged her from making a call to a lawyer, and cuffed her on the head when she did not give the answers that they wanted.

The maximum sentence for slander charges is three and a half years, and she would likely get credit for the four years she has already spent in prison.

Knox's parents face similar charges for repeating their daughter's allegation on a British television show.

Additional reporting by ABC News' Phoebe Natanson and Nikki Battiste.

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